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Thread: pvProt and Deep Wounds

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    pvProt and Deep Wounds

    Hey all. Atm I've been running with a 15/5/51 spec and I was thinking about changing it to 13/7/51. . I love my crit so I the five points I have now are invested in cruelty and I don't think I'll ever not have pts in the talent. Trying the new spec, I would have full armored to the teeth, 4 pts in cruelty and just 1 point in deep wounds for the DoT. I used to run mostly pve BV items in arena but since this week I broke 2050 I've added some Furious gear and AP trinkets in the mix. I have not yet enchanted my mace with beserking. Sooooo my question is...with beserking added in the mix and the pick-up of armored to the teeth, is it worth the loss of the last 2 points in deep wound and 1% crit? I guess my real problem is I dont really understand the mechanics of deep wounds...I was hitting on a dummy earlier today what I found strange was the actual ticks. For example with a 5k crit I would get 100-120 bleed dmg. Then a little later I might crit but with lower damage and dish out 200-250 bleeds- same self buffs up and no additional procs of any sort. Any opinions or incite would be appreciated!

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    If I don't remember incorrect Deep Wounds will 'stack' with your older dw:s.

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