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Thread: Tanking Ulduar 25?

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    Tanking Ulduar 25?

    Hey guys,

    My guild finally ventured into Ulduar 25 tonight and we did pretty ok.

    I'm one of the tanks together with two other DKs and I get this feeling that I just can't compete with them.

    I don't exactly have a WWS but I notice that I seem to be taking far more damage than our DK tanks.

    For example, I find my damage way more spiky than the DK on Kologarn. Even trash mobs such at XT Pummelers and the Ignis Golems deal significant damage to me.

    I'm just wondering if it's a spec/glyph/gear/class issue or if it's just me.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    P.S. Our DK tanks are Mazumoto and Dabao; Mazu is actually a main spec DPS who offspecs to tank. =(

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    Kologarn favors avoidance tanks slightly because stacks have a better chance to fall off or be avoided all together so they spend less time with the armor debuff.

    You're gear is fine. If you're dieing go for more avoidance gear and less threat. If you're just worried that you're taking more damage, change some glyphs out for last stand ( wont lower damage I know) and shield wall.

    Are you making sure demoralizing shout is up ? I got into the bad habit of not using it in naxx ...because training you to be a bad player is what nax was good for. Imp demo shout is also a good way to lower inc damage. It's a hit to threat but worth it if living is a problem for you.

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