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Thread: DK Tanking

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    DK Tanking

    Need help with tanking spec. Im DK tank for my guild and mostly get used when on thorim.

    im placed in arena tanking spawnded adds. My problem is aoe threat isnt enough to keep above that of the arena healers and some of the higher aoe dps's (mages locks)

    I am/was spec'd frost for tanking. im searching interwebs for best spec possible but i think its all in my rotation atm.

    my current/old tankin spec is frost

    my rotation mainly was

    DnD, HB, (IT, PS, BS, BS, OB, OB(on an elite to get the extra damage)), Pest, BB, BB rinse and repeat

    using all CD's and still mobs run to other dps/healers

    wat am i doing wrong?

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    LoL that's the exact same spec that "other guy" posted on another thread after ignoring the advice >.< So I wont comment on the spec, you can read http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f175/...k-2h-spec.html for advice

    Anyways, as frost, if you want AoE threat, I suggest you get the glyph of Howling Blast, and your opening rotation could be DnD - (death chill if available) HB - BB - (Blood Tap) BB, after that just focus on doing HB every time it's up (or upon Rime procs), doing BB with your blood runes.

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    I would recommend tanking Arena as Unholy. You can practically do it while sleeping.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

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    Agg's tanking guide

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