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Thread: Healing Hodir

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    Healing Hodir

    The kids are coming out of the wood work to raid again so our guild is once again progressing, tfg...
    We have cleared Auriaya and Sunday will be working on Hodir. I've cleared up to Mim on 10m, so I have a basic understanding of the fight and what I will need to do (although others may want some advice on the fight was someone more experienced in the encounter).

    My question:
    Do I need any frost resist?
    It was suggested that we should enchant/tailor/regem for frost resist... I believe this is pointless for me as a priest... Maybe a head enchant? But really in the grand scheme of things how much would that matter? The tailoring pieces are crap, I don't think I even trained them because it was a waste of gold.

    My thoughts, keep moving between FH&PoH, CoH&PoM every CD, find the cozy fires and Haste beams, and don't get hit by stupid shit. All done correctly and frost resist gear is pointless...
    Please correct if I am wrong

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    We usually only care about frost resistance for the tanks, if you move out of the bad stuff you really shouldn't have a problem.

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    Really depends on how stacked with healers you are... if you run light on healers, frost resist gear will save lives during frozen blows.

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    You don't need frost resist gear, using frost resist gear gimps output and Hodir is a dps fight. The only person who should be using frost resist gear is the tank, but even he doesn't absolutely need it if you have enough cooldowns in the raid. The entire raid already gets frost resist from raid buffs.

    DPS should be getting prio on the beams since they need it more. The beams just makes a healer overheal and spend more mana, unless it's on frozen blows. COH/POM/PWS are already instant, Flash heal is a very short cast on its own, and 3x Flash Heals cuts down POH/Gheal time too. Just make sure dps watch their aggro and everyone shouldn't get too many stacks >>

    As for me, I just stand in melee range and jump after every cast. I don't really need any of the buffs, and it saves me the trouble of running towards the melee if I get the cloud >>

    Try to stack dps and go with as little healers and tanks as you can get away with. If people do what they're supposed to, they should only be taking heavy damage on frozen blows. We did hard mode with 1 tank and 4 healers, but then again, our entire raid is pretty well geared. My first kill had 8 healers in it though, but he died a few seconds before the enrage timer since people sucked -.-

    And free NPCs. Very important!
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    does Storm Power increase the size of critical heals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhalphir View Post
    does Storm Power increase the size of critical heals?
    No, only dps, but it's better/easier to let the melee have it than ranged.

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    I've downed Hodir on several occasions, and it's always been with 2 pieces of frost resist gear. I haven't found that it hasn't significantly gimped my healing capabilities; in this case, I would put survivability>output (if you're that concerned about stats, gem and enchant the 2 items you get as best as you can, but it's really no different from back in the day where resistance sets were made for BC). This is especially the case if one happens to get the Biting Cold debuff to stack on them a bit because they've been frozen in place and can't immediately free themselves. It's also helpful because sometimes the boss has sometimes been tanked in a position where he may not be close to the mage's fire, thus meaning that you could be out of range if you try to stand by the fire to avoid the debuff effect.

    Assuming that your entire raid is going to have frost resist is assuming that the group is going to have a paladin, a shaman, DK and/or a druid, and that people are in range to receive said auras in the case of the first three. Unlike Sapphiron, there is no achievement for being below a certain amount of frost resist.

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    Aura mastery + Frost resist aura during Frozen Blows will help a lot.
    Please check my maths, aura mastery boost is approx. :

    Average resist @ (130) Frost Aura = 20.31%
    Average resist @ (260) Frost Aura + Aura Mastery Up = 33.76%

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    I'm not sure of the Aura mastery numbers (in terms of amount of damage mitigated) but it really shines in Frozen blows, if only the CD was 40secs

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