We are a 10 man progression guild. Progressions been a little slow this last month or so, but we finally got our Yogg kill last night. We got plagued proto drakes pre 3.1 (and killed 3d the right way, not zerg way), and made quick progress in ulduar up to mimiron / vezax (quick on casual 10 man terms). We may be a little slow on progression, but not scrubz on any terms.

Im working with my holy priest on how to make her more effective. Shes done all the reading and understands the basics and whatnot, but her effective heal seems to be below par with other holy priests I have seen.

Here are the WWS logs parsed from this week

XT, Kolo, Auriaya, Hodir, Thorim (ignore freya wipes, had some dps in there that we dotn usually have)
Wow Web Stats

Freya, Vezax, (mimiron is in there but WWS doesnt parse)
Wow Web Stats

Yogg-Saron - This is only the kill, WWS parses it as trash, but I manually edited the log for our kill shot, so its accurate
Wow Web Stats

Weve talked and honestly it seems like the rotation is fine, the only thing she is getting hurt on is timing. So much overheal all over the place. Now that you have some specific data on whats going on here, can you guys offer some insight?

How do more effective priests deal with overheal?

What things do you do to prevent it?

Is overheal the only visible problem from the charts, or can you see something else?

Lastly, is it fine? I see the effective heal and its low, but should I not be worried about it?

Both Airy and myself are aware there's a problem and we are trying to rectify it, so you can call us bad if you want, we already know, so get it out of the way early so we can get some constructive criticism.



Related Lookup names and such for armory and whatnot

Server- Eldre'Thalas
Guildleader (Me): Inphamous
Priest in Question: Airykk
website: we have a tabard