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Thread: Arena and Titles

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    Arena and Titles

    Hey all. So I've been searching the net on info as to the calculations for Gladiator title and so far I've just ran into a bunch of threads where people just argue and don't even come to a reasonable conclusion, lol. First, as I've read, Gladiator title is top .05% of all teams. If I play in just 2s for now, is it top .05% of all 2s in the battlegroup or is it top .05% of 2s,3s, and 5s? Also, I've read that arenajunkies.com does not list all teams- usually list about 5,000 teams- so there very well could be a lot more, correct? Anyways, any info or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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    It's each bracket per battlegroup, .5% for Glad. So if you in the top .5% of the 2s teams you will be a Gladiator.

    And yes it is possible that ArenaJunkies does not list all teams. Which is a good thing, more actual teams = more teams being able to be in the .5% range

    Duelist needs you to be top 3%
    Rival needs you to be top 10%
    Challenger needs you to be top 30%
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    I don't know if we're going to know in advance what title we'll be getting this year. Used to be that some kind soul would totally tank a team to 500 rating or so and use that team to calculate how many teams there were. Of course now with everyone starting at zero I don't know how it will work.

    However, as a rough guideline I would expect 2500 to be gladiator, 2300 duelist, 2100 rival and 1800 challenger in my battlegroup (yes it is guaranteed to be different than these numbers - just some general #s to aim for). Every battlegroup will be different.

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    Really depends on your battlegroup buddy, go to arena junkies and have a look at last seasons title calculator.

    Idk what battlegrp you're in, so I wont be able to give you a rough estimate.

    My battlegroup

    Glad Cutoff - 106
    Duel Cutoff - 636
    Rival Cutoff - 2120
    Challenger Cutoff - 7420

    21 000 2v2 teams and only 106 of them will get glad, its active and live.

    Just wowarmory yourselfv and see what your team is ranked on the battlegrp

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    Gladiator Cutoffs for the following battlegroups FYI
    If you're after DUELIST, RIVAL, CHALLENGER, multiply the GLADIATOR ranking by the following
    DUELIST - x6
    RIVAL - x 20
    CHALLENGER - x 60
    2v2 106
    3v3 40
    5v5 9
    2v2 83
    3v3 31
    5v5 5
    2v2 47
    3v3 16
    5v5 2
    2v2 72
    3v3 27
    5v5 5
    2v2 79
    3v3 29
    5v5 5
    2v2 85
    3v3 32
    5v5 5
    2v2 41
    3v3 14
    5v5 2
    2v2 84
    3v3 34
    5v5 6
    2v2 83
    3v3 32
    5v5 6
    2v2 83
    3v3 32
    5v5 6
    2v2 83
    3v3 30
    5v5 5
    2v2 84
    3v3 33
    5v5 6
    2v2 61
    3v3 21
    5v5 4

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    Thanks for the replies. Yea atm I'm on vindication. Woopi, how did you find out how many total teams there are for your calcuations? Last I checked on arenajunkies I saw about 4900 something teams for 2v2, but I was reading on some other forums that the site doesn't necessarily link all the teams.

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    It's not 100% accurate but it'll be the closest thing to it. It tries to include all active teams and doesnt take teams that are vacant or no current active members into consideration.

    Arena Title Calculator - Tools - Arena Junkies

    It wont link you the teams in General, if you go to rankings, it'll show you the top 100 teams above 2k in that division.

    If you want to get glad in your battlegroup, go to wowarmory arena ladders and have a look at who is 85th on the ladder, thats your benchmark for glad

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