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Thread: Druid tank is struggling

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    Druid tank is struggling

    Our druid tank is having a pretty difficult time managing to hold aggro on Yogg adds P1, as well as generally failing on a lot of other fights in Ulduar. I'm not convinced he's geared/gemmed/talented correctly, and would appreciate any feedback. His armory:

    Trstan on Dath'remar

    Thanks in advance.

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    His expertise and hit are way too low. He needs to get to 8% hit and 26 expertise rating, at least.
    There is always something new to learn about tanking.

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    hmm tell ye the truth im tanking in worse an iv tanked the normal yogg fight without a problem, not sure if he needs better for the heroic/hard version.
    mabye should get him to look at his threat rotation.

    i would also suggest dropping that king of the jungle talent for infected wounds as the debuff does give more threat. Also as a guild you should wait a few seconds after the mob is in melee with him to ensure he has threat.

    for pulling the adds to him i usually find growl+fairy fire will give enough initial aggro to get the adds to him.. if its outta range have a dk death grip it to him then all he has to do is taunt it off the dk. plus i would mabye suggest he drops the glyph of maul for survival instincts to give him a better Ohh crap button.

    I also found in raid to be out aggro'd quickly by other class such as dk's, at the moment im using the 2% extra threat glove enchant which is really help me keep up with ma guildies who are far more geared than myself.

    hope this helps and good luck

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