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Thread: Ulduar Flame Leviathan (Hard Mode)

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    Quote Originally Posted by arroki View Post
    Sry, not sure if theres a 10 man video or strat around for this, this post seemed most appropriate, so i have a theory, preety mush based off the video i just watched.

    10 man hard mode flame leviathen

    2x Choppers - Pickup passangers and delivery to demolishers - Oil slicks
    2x Demolishers - Big DPS - 4 passangers available
    1x Siege - Focus interupting Flame vents

    Forseable issues :-
    -If the Siege engine gets focuses, we lose our interupt
    -If a Demolisher gets focused we lose 2 additional people as far as DPS is concerned

    -Stronger DPS due to 4 passangers in Demolishers
    -Less time is needed to recover pyrite for Demolisher passangers, meaning they can be launched again ASAP.

    i undertand im a little behind on my post asfar as progretion goes, however we are currently doing our best and putting in our all to get most of ulduar complete before the T9 patch, we are currently working on Vezax,haveing trouble with Saronite vapors and when to kill them, we have him at 50% but will get there.

    thankyou for reply


    Having 2 choppers is always nice, but in HM that extra chopper is wasted damage. The following composition is what we have been using in our attempts and we have got very close to a kill.

    2 Siege
    2 Demos
    1 Chopper

    Have a total of 3 passengers for demos. 2 of these will always be inside the vehicle and 1 on FL. This allows for two things.
    1.) all 3 DPS can use their DPS CDs to ensure quick overloads.
    2.) Demos can have 10 stacks of pyrite rolling on the boss through the encounter.

    Also, to help you out on your vezax problem, here's what we do

    We have a DK Deathgrip the Saronite vapor near a healer and bring it to 5%. Then when the healer needs it, the DK kills it quickly for them and they step in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Surmaaja View Post
    What's up with interrupts failing at this boss now? I had proplems with my interrupts whole night trying 4towers, interrupt did damage the boss and I got a cd on it, but it still kept channeling vents. I have mainly been siege driver on that boss and never noticed such a thing before.
    Was it the interupt during an overload? if so, we have been facing issues at times with this too. Interupting DURING an overload seems to have a decent chance of failing. We haven't found any work around yet, so we blame it on RNG messing us up.
    But in all honesty, we have found over 95% of the times, that the vents seem to happen 5-8 seconds before a target change giving our interupting siege time enough to get that interupt in and back away to make sure that they have a safe distance in case they got persued.

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