Hiya! I´m currently in an guild doing Ulduar (10-man 13/14 25-man 9/14), and I have an dps offspecc. But I havent really kept up to date with the best dps specs since 3.1 launched, before it was arms afaik, but now I heard fury is gaining more popularity, depending on gear? From what I heard fury is gaining a rather big dps-boost in Ulduar-gear, but before that arms is better?
My stats in dps-gear, arms-specc, battle stance is:
3110 AP
294 hit rating, 8.97% (no gems)
30,56% crit
27 expertise 6,75%
ArP 71.

Armory is showing tank-gear atm, but in dps-gear I have a blue wrist, one blue trinket and one blue ring, just so you get a feel of where I am gear-wise. Im probably not going to get upgrades anytime soon from Ulduar since, well, our dps´ers want that, those bastards

What is the best specc from which I will, hopefully, gain the most dps? Should I stay arms, or is a fury specc better? Went dps on Hodir25 tonight, had about 2.8k dps. Good or bad for my gear?
Thanks in advance