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Thread: Unbalanced stats (prot warrior question).

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    Unbalanced stats (prot warrior question).

    I've only really taken up tanking seriously for the last few months, and while my gear is not great - I seem to do ok and am regarded a "good tank".

    While looking at my stats last night they look un balanced.

    1) can you stack too much block?
    2) Is stamina a key thing to stack?

    Here is my armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    The reason I ask is that while trying kologarn, I seen to get his for 15-20k. Our best attempt, we got him to 100k.. Epic fail.

    I was wondering, is it my fault for not trying to balance dodge parry and block? (and taking so much dmg).

    Cheers for any advice.


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    Never take block rating or parry gear unless the other stats on it make it an upgrade. Block is a bad stat right now it just doesn't stop enough damage and parries diminishing returns are much higher then dodge so you always want to take dodge over parry if you can.

    Your hit and expertise are really low but that is more a threat issue.

    Stacking stam is never a bad way to go. More health can't hurt for a warrior ( any tank really ) And get dodge as often as you can for avoidance.

    Your spec is ...... bad imo. Spell reflect is a waste to have in your main tank spec and you would probably do better to just copy the standard deep wounds build till your confident enough to change it. It's the best all round spec.

    A question about that fight though... when you get 2-3 stacks ( depending on if it's 10 or 25 man ) of the armor debuff is another tank taunting off you till they fall off ? You only seem to do 10 mans and if he's hitting you for 20k I would assume you're getting full stacks and dieing.

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    I only ever got to 2 stacks. The problem i have is controlling adds if we swap over tilll the debuff wears off as warriors are hard to, if possible aoe tank for long.

    The imp spell reflect was for our malygos effort. I've forgot about it and will change it soon.

    I dropped some expertise for stamina. I always use expertise food (40 rating) which isnt alot but i still do around 6k tps.

    Our guild is small but a tight group of casual raiders (2-3 times a week). We don't have enough for 25 man, but are now looking at expanding.

    Block needs buffing, as you said it doesnt mitigate enough dmg.

    Will try off taunting at 1 stack and keeping debuffs off. We're going back tomorrow evening to try them again.


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    Imo lose the block, keep the gear for a trash set while farming Naxx and what not but yeah ditch in in the main gear.

    Replace you're parry gems with dodge gems or dodge/stam gems.

    Pick of the T7 gloves, the 40 emblem belt, or the one off of 25m Spider wing (mexxena?). And atm I still have not found better boots, think they drop off the same boss aswell.

    Take a look at my gear, we are about the same gear level so you might pick up a few hints there. WoW Armory

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    Never gem for parry, even with a high amount of dodge rating the DR on dodge rating doesn't bring it low enough to where it's worse than parry. So always gem for dodge and/or stam.

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