Post: Warrior warriors are hosed, pally/dk/druid > warrior
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My experience is that these sort of threads inevitably devolve into whinefests and flamewars with absolutely no benefit. Don't make them here.

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just some background. I play a level 80 protection warrior. I have some uldar gear with a gearscore of approx 4200+. I buff to almost 40k hp, softcaps on def...etc. As a tank in uldar I die more than any other tank in our raid despite having the highest Gearscore. I swapped to DPS last night, replaced by a DK with a gearscore of 3600. Funny that he never died.

After months of dealing with this crap and assuming there was something wrong with my setup, playstyle, gear..etc I rolled a pally.
At 77 I note the following:
1. Tanking is easymode, there's almost no work involved in AE or single target tanking compared to warrior.
2. Survival - I'm almost always the last to die if we wipe (which is rare), I can heal myself, cleanse myself, and finally bubble...
3. my only challenge is not running out of mana.

If you want easy mode tank switch the other classes. Blizzard doesn't know how to fix us and don't seem to think we're broken. The best part is that as a pally you can have lesser gear than the warrior and still do better.

I've now played both classes.... what's your experience been?