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Thread: I wish I was a warrior sometimes

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    I wish I was a warrior sometimes

    So here is my armory " The World of Warcraft Armory " and let me get straight to the point. I looked at a few guides abt gearing up for raids ... and I have the gear they suggested. Some suggestions are from Herioc Dungeon Drops ... now my question is What else can I get to get into a Herioc Dungeon. Everybody says I am not geared enough ... dont have enough defense rating ... and I am stuck. I dont know what to do anymore... what else can i get... i am stuck in a circular loop ... get gear from herioc dungeons ... cant get into herioc dungeons cause i need gear from herioc dungeons... Like dps gets into raids and heriocs without having any gear at all ... I should have went as a healer or a boomkin . (btw i got polar boots just not showing in Armory right now).

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    You're a feral druid. You don't need defense rating. At all.

    If they ask how much defense you have, link survival of the fittest. If they disagree and say you need defense skill, tell them where they can shove it.

    Do what you can to crank your stam, get good rep pieces, finish raising your mining skill to 450 for rank 6 or 7 toughness.

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    Oi Vey

    First, you need to take three points in Survival of the Fittest. This talent is what makes you reach your soft defense cap.

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft - Bear Druid: Here is an example of a heroic bear druid build. It can vary, but it picks up tools for you to use that is usually not given by anyone else.

    Secondly, get rid of that resilience. It does nothing for you now, with 3 points in SotF.

    Lastly, please go and read these three threads. They will teach you more than can what be explained in one forum post.
    Feral tank pre-raid gear - Elitist Jerks
    Feral enchants - Elitist Jerks
    Druid Gem Compilation - Elitist Jerks
    There is always something new to learn about tanking.

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    You also could finish enchanting some of your gear, buying glyphs for head (mayber) and shoulders, and putting gems in others. Even if you are going to replace it soon, a lesser enchant is better than none.

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