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Thread: Fresh 80 tank neeeds advice

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    Fresh 80 tank neeeds advice

    Ok,so i'v just hit 80 with my warrior a few days ago and i plan to play prot.

    I've played wow for 3 years now but playing a mage so have little clue how tanks work in raids and i have a few questions.

    1.Until i'm def capped,is it worth to socket all out def?
    2.What are best glyphs a prot warrior has at this time?
    3.What tanking addons are helpfull and an explanation what do they do would be grand
    4.What stats do i want to have before i step into naxx/OS 10 man except 540 def?

    Thnx in advance guys

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    I went ahead a took a gander at your Armory profile.

    My advise is to get as much rep & crafted gear as you can.(Cloak & boots from Wyrmrest Accord are a good start). While doing that start hitting some heroics and trying to obtain some better gear.

    For the record, people around here prefer not to call it "def cap" but rather "def minimum". Which is 535 for heroic bosses and 540 for raid. Most4 of the crafted/rep/heroic gear will put you over 540.

    For glyphs, Glyph of Blocking is a must have. After that, it depends on the content your raiding and spec you use. For Naxx, I started with the 15/5/51 DW build, with Blocking, HS & Revenge glyphs.

    For addons, I use Tankpoints(helps with gear rating), probably want to use some sort of Raid Frames(like X-Perl or Pitbull, Grid) if your not already. I use one called GoodTargets to tell me if I have aggro or another raider does.

    As far as stats, 540 def min as you said already, probably around 22-23k for both hp & armor. You could maybe do less if your healers are fairly well geared.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    Thnx mate,did help a lot

    One more question,how good is to gem for def after defense "minimum"?

    Was thinking gemming for stamina or exp+stam,and parry+def when i get 540,but i see a lot of tanks stacking def

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    One thing from what I read is as you increase in dodge rating you want to maintain a ratio of 3:2 or 2:1 (Def-dodge). So adding more defense here or there won't affect you much. I have been allowing for more defense in my gear so if I have to throw on resistance gear etc.
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    grats on 80.

    you'll get sneered at and scoffed if you try to do heroics in greens these days. you'll find plenty of info saying you can do it, and when wotlk was minted on the servers everyone progressed through heroics with crap gear. if you set foot in heroics in greens, make sure you know your cheese.

    the advice I wish I had when I dinged 80 was to do some 80 dungeons on reg mode until you get keybindings, rotations and UI setup and all working in harmony. start work on argent and wrymrest dailys. as soon as you get some decent blues to replace your greens hit up H Nexus and UK.

    have fun.

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    This site has some excellent gearing and technique guides so read them. After reaching the Def cap comes a very tricky balancing act. One that requires lots of gear options and constant regemming and re-enchanting. As you're progressing from reg dungeons to heroic dungeons and then naxx you will notice that the gear comes with less Def on it. That is why you see people gem for Def. Never gem for parry or dodge. Having more than 540 is actually more than fine because Def creates Dodge Parry and block(your 3 best friends). Ideally you always want to have 540+, expertise of 20+, a decent amount of hit(264 is the cap but expertise is way more important, and as much Stam as you can get. When one or more of these stats arent balanced right you get less then perfect results when tanking. Stam is king. If you look at very well geared tanks(naxx 25 and ulduar gear) you will see that they have 30k+ health unbuffed. They can do this becuase the gear comes with expertise Def and hit so they stack stam gems on everything. best of luck.


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