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Thread: DK Unholy DPS rotation

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    DK Unholy DPS rotation

    Oit - wow-heroes

    Hi im Looking for a Good unholy rotation or spec, Currently I'm sitting at 8.14%(267 rating) hit chance, 26 Expertise, 3311AP and 33% crit, I'm Considering looking to switch to full time dps instead of being first and formost a tank. My Current rotation is 'DND->IT->PS->Pest(or bb if single target)->SS->SS' Then just Spaming DC SS PEst and BB, Im able to maintain a steady 3800-4Kdps with this(tested in in naxx25) im wondering if there is anything i should change to Maximise my dps in my spec i was consitering dropping Boneshield and getting the garg but that seemed counter productive with my DC spamming any thoughts on this?

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    If diseases fall off, replace SS1 with IT/PS to reapply them. Open fight off with IT/PS instead of SS1.

    Keep Ghoul Frenzy up at all times. The best way to do this is to use blood tap after the death runes from blood strike have faded. If blood tap is down use ghoul frenzy with a death rune and icy touch and then fall back into your rotation.

    To dump runic power, use unholy blight. If that is already up, use death coil. Use runic power when your next attack will push your over 100 runic power.

    Use gargoyle when you are high on runic power and you have as many buffs as possible up. This means use trinkets beforehand along with timing it with raid buffs because the gargoyle will use your stats at the time of the summon to calculate it's damage for the whole duration.

    If you have blood runes, use blood strike ASAP to turn them into death runes.




    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Variations on this spec include:

    Taking 2 points out of Necrosis, and putting them in improved unholy presence. The movement speed is situational.

    Morbidity is also a personal choice. If you don't think it's worth it, you can move the points to necrosis.

    Any extra moved talents should be spent in dark conviction after necrosis is maxed out.

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    There IS a DK thread here in the DPS section but thank you Blood for giving him the information.

    Please go to the DPS section or follow the link in my signature to access it. It'll explain a lot about the dps rotations and information you need to know about how to DPS as a DK.

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