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Thread: Herioc Pre-Naxx tank stats?

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    Herioc Pre-Naxx tank stats?

    I'm trying to figure out what would be good stats for a tank to have pre naxx geared as far as Dodge, Parry, Block etc I can MT and OT 10 man Naxx just fine, but I still seem to have a problem with survivability in Heriocs, Not sure what my proirities should be. Should I just leave Deff at cap and work on everything else or what?
    If you want to check my gear on wowarmory.com It's under:
    Realm: Blade's Edge
    GUild: Edge of Eternity.
    Prot Pally.
    My stats are:
    Health: 26424
    Armor: 23099
    Defense: 567
    Dodge: 18.53%
    Parry: 17.45%
    Block: 21.26%
    I'd appreciate any help or advice.

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    Are you PuG'ing the heroics?

    If you're fine in Naxx, but having survivability issues in heroics, my guess is a) the healers in Naxx are overcompensating for something you're lacking or not doing, or b) the healer(s) you run with in 5-mans either aren't geared or competent.

    You could tweak your spec and gems a little bit, but that would mainly affect your threat, not your overall survivability. (Pallies should never gem for parry.)

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    Tank stats

    Im actually am puging heroics and naxx atm and we haven't always had the best healer in Naxx. BUt I think the main think I need help with is my minimus stats and stuff I think that would help me out alot.
    Why should pallies not gem for parry?

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    What is up with people asking for help, and not being in their tank gear on armory.

    I gem and enchant for Stam and Def. You might want to ignore socket bonuses if you can't fit in a Stam, Def or Stam/Def mutt gem in. You basically want to do that until you hit Block capped (total 102.4% avoidance with HS up). Fix your talent spec and glyphs try this -> Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft. Some other pallys like Glyph of HotR, I like Glyph of Judgement (its really a personal prefernece). You probably also just need some gear because your HP is low. Don't be afraid to use your cds and keep Divine Plea up.

    edit: Make sure you are sticking to the 9696969 rotation to the best of your ability. When I was just gearing up, I liked rolling with a disc priest too.
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