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These are threads that the devs will read through for class questions.

These were mine for DK:

1. Will dual wield be improved and what is your design goal?

2. Any plans on fixing mind freeze?

3. When using glyph of disease, refreshing frost fever when you have the Chilblains talent does not refresh Icy Clutch snare on the main target but it does for all additional targets. Are there any plans on fixing this?

4. Lichborne does not remove existing effects that it immunes if you're already afflicted yet it still uses the cooldown. Is this intended?

5. Lichborne can't be cancelled manually anymore. Are there any plans on reverting this back to the old way?

6. Any plans on changing ghoul frenzy to cost runic power or a blood rune instead of an unholy rune?

7. Why canít we death grip while in mid air?

8. Any plans on making blood spec viable for arena?

9. What are your plans for unholy blight?

10. Any plans on making horn of winter last longer? I donít see the reason you would design a buff that would need to be refreshed multiple times in one boss fight or arena.

11. What are your long term prospects in relation to damage vs. survivability vs. utility for both PvE and PvP aspects of the game?

12. Any big changes on the horizon?

13. Any plans on making rune weapon switch according to spec utilizing the dual spec feature?

14. Are there plans to add more minor glyphs that are a bit more spec specific?

15. What is the thought process behind nerfing the T7 set just to make the T8 more desirable? Why not just improve the T8 so that it can stand on its own?

16. Any plans to tone down the ulduar sigil? Or at least provide a second easier attainable sigil?

17. Any thoughts on changing the gladiator sigil? It blows pretty badly in its current state and is definitely not anywhere near as good as itís PvE counterpart.

18. Any talent buffs/nerfs coming?

19. Will Death Knights be given better methods of protecting their diseases in PvP, given how vital they have been made to the damage output of all major attacks?

20. Any plans on making a disarm reducing talent?

21. Are there any plans to remove the requirement of being in a vicinity of a Runeforge just to re-enchant our weapon or make a Death Gate:Shadow Vault spell? This isn't a gamebreaking change but a matter of convenience.

22. Why is IT still on Deathchill/Killing Machine procs? With how drastically it has been nerfed, being forced to refresh Frost Fever while IT is up results in thousands of lost damage.

23. What are your thoughts on DK scaling and haste and armor pen?