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Thread: Xfire names!

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    Xfire names!

    I think it would be a good idea that tankspot had a community on xfire as well so we can see who is doing what and possibly chat in-game even though we are on other servers! Just post here with your name and I'll friend you. If it is alright, I'd love to make an X-fire tankspot group that we could all join for easy joining! Would be quite nice since this program has a ton of features and helps people communicate and share information!

    I'll also edit this post with a list of everyone's name who responds such that you don't have to go through the entire thread to get everyone's names!

    Simple format: Xfire Username | Tankspot Username

    !XFire List!

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    I broadcast arena sometimes as well and dont mind viewers.
    "If I'm doing a fight and I need more threat... I try harder. If I'm doing a fight and I need my taunts not to miss, then I wear hit." -Veneretio

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    would like to see more ppl using this...i know there has to be alot more of you guys. i stream alot of stuff; bg's, arenas, random raids/heroics, me afking in org, etc.

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    I don't really use xfire anymore, except to log on and live broadcast for a friend who wants to watch me play or to show someone my UI. But anyhow, my username is Maerwen if I ever decide to log on for more than that!

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