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Thread: General Vezax Healing

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    General Vezax Healing

    Our 25 man run just polished off Mimiron last night and we're ready to hit up the General next week. From what I've been reading mana management is crucial to this fight and there are many ways to maximize this. I'd appreciate any advice/experience you have for us. I'm usually holy, but also have a disc spec (for when our disc healer isn't there). I can do either for this fight if one is more beneficial. We also run with 2 trees, a holy pally, a resto sham, and a disc priest.

    One strat that seemed promising was having teams of healers. Where team 1 heals for about 1 min while team 2 does no healing. After that team 1 goes to regen mana, while 2 heals. Would 2 teams of 3 healers be good for this or do we need more? We sometimes have our prot pally heal as holy when he's not needed to tank, and our shadow priest has a disc spec too when needed. If I stay holy, i'm assuming I'll mostly be greater heal canceling to manage mana +/- keeping up renew. If I go disc it would probably be mostly PW:S when it's available, penance when health drops, and flash heal if it drops and penance isn't available I'm guessing. There doesn't seem to be a lot of unavoidable raid dmg, so I'm figuring one healer in each phase can be designated to top them off with their most mana efficient spell.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a DK tank so we're planning to use our warrior MT (who is dying for his T8 4 piece bonus) and roll cooldowns to keep him alive without kiting. We did this 4 times on Mimiron phase 1 and worked out a good rotation. Any ideas/advice on this would be great.

    It also looked like getting 6 to maybe 7 stacks with PW:S) is the best way to regen mana. Sound right?

    Another thing I've heard is to build up a max mana set by gemming for int. Anyone have some particularly good/easy to acquire pieces for this? My plan was to just use piececs I've upgraded out of and regem them for int.

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    We are currently working on this fight and although we havent quite got it yet healer mana hasnt been the issue.

    I play as Disc and don't have too many issues with mana - your ideas are pretty much what I do. We use a warrior MT and have no issues with using cooldowns such as Pain Supp, Shield Wall, Hand of Sacrifice, etc..

    For the mana regen you need to be getting the max number of stacks you can take - for me as Disc I can stay in for 7 debuffs with a PW:S on and loose half health when coming out - you need to make sure you dont get any more though! You can then get about 5 more stacks after the first set wear off before the Vapour despawns if you are quick enough.
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