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Thread: pala tank spell rotation

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    pala tank spell rotation


    What spells should i be using to hold aggro when tanking on my pala

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    The 96969 rotation is optimal for Tankadin threat.

    From the Basic Training FAQ on Maintankadin Maintankadin • View topic - 3.1 Frequently *Answered* Questions - Tankadin basics

    Q: Whats this 96969 rotation stuff??? Can you explain it pls?
    A: Yes., but not here. See my Advanced FAQ Maintankadin • View topic - 3.1 Frequently Argued Questions. AKA: Advanced tanking FAQ. or Psiven's original version Maintankadin • View topic - Level 70 Threat Cycles in 3.0
    A: Watch this YouTube vid [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZyOoMKtREI]YouTube - Protection Paladin TPS / DPS Tanking Rotation[/ame]

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