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Thread: Defense capped, can't increase avoidance

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    Defense capped, can't increase avoidance

    Dear members of Tankspot,
    I have been reading up on tanking since a while now to find out which specs are needed to be a proper tank.

    Here is my armory link:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    My reason for posting here is that I seem to not be able to increase my avoidance specs. I managed the defense cap with not too many problems (currently at 553 which is low compared to being at 556-558 for the last month or so). I tried to put different gems to increase dodge rating the problem with that was that the increase in dodge rating did not make up for the loss in all the other avoidance characteristics. Using the macro to calculate my block rating I get to +/-62,8%. I read that being a paladin tank and always keeping up the holy shield I should add another 30% and the libram I am using should add another 5,33%. (I read this in the paladin tanking guide here). So i get to roughly 98,13%, which is not high enough but I cannot seem to go ove it. I just found out a couple of days ago about the shoulder enchant from the sons of Hordin so I am going there to bring up my reputation with them.

    So my question to you fellow tanks is what else should I do?

    Some tanking I have done includes:
    Archa 10/25 (25 only as OT)
    Naxx 10/25 (25 only as OT)
    Sartha 10
    Black Temple
    and of course all heroics

    P.s.: please for give me for some mistakes that I might have made, but English is not my native tongue and I do play on a french sever so some names might not be correct

    Hoping to get many replies

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    Horn of Winter - Spell - World of Warcraft
    Greater Blessing of Kings - Spell - World of Warcraft
    Scorpid Sting - Spell - World of Warcraft
    Mark of the Wild - Spell - World of Warcraft

    Those will boost your dodge and chance to be missed by quite a bit.

    Also, don't worry about getting block capped just yet, you'll reach it soon enough as you improve your gear more.

    If you insist on getting block capped as soon as possible, use trinkets like this one.
    Lavanthor's Talisman - Item - World of Warcraft

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    If you really want to increase your avoidance, stacking def would be the best way to do it. It will give you dodge, parry and miss along with block

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    Thanks a lot for your replies, I will do as you suggest and do more heroics and stacking more defense.

    I wanted to get the ax from Silvermoon from the tournament and was wondering if that is a good idea.

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    So here's some stuff you can do to jack up avoidance:
    - enchant your shoulders (Son's of hodir or the old scryer/aldor enchant)
    - Your neck is better for a block/threat set, military gorget or heritage will give you better avoidance
    - Swap your boots for one of the blue heroic boots (greaves of ancient evil for example). tempered titansteel is good for stam, but not a lot else.
    - separately, you probably want +40 stam to bracers. Maybe you're waiting for bracers of the herald.
    - use badges to get valor medal of the first war. While you're doing that, grind for essence of gossamer.
    - Dump neruhide cape for cloak of peaceful resolutions or cloak of the enemy. Note: the logic here is that you'll get more defense which will allow you to swap some of your defense gems with dodge/stam gems. Would also allow a swap to the stam/arm meta gem which is generally better.

    On the talent side:
    - you need to get judgement of the just.
    - you only need 1 point in spiritual attunement.
    - You don't want benediction, stoicism, or reckoning
    - you do need 1 point in improved judgements (search here for 9696 rotation)
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    Aiming for items with block rating is the easiest way to increase your total avoidance (save comments on block not being real avoidance, I am aware of that), since you get block rating in comparable amounts to dodge and parry but get considerably more from each point.

    However, you'll find that as you get higher into raid progression, you'll be losing a considerable amount of block rating in favour of higher stamina and avoidance in the form of dodge/parry instead. This isn't a bad thing, so don't worry about it.

    Further comments on your talent choices:
    61 points in Protection means you've spent 8 points in the tree that are unnecessary (53 gets you everything worthwhile).

    That one point in Divinity shouldn't be necessary - you already have a 6% increase from Improved Devotion Aura. That saves you one point.

    Stoicism is a PvP talent; stuns don't happen enough in PvE to be worth worrying about, neither do dispels. That saves you three points.

    Reckoning is an outdated talent. It only increases your white damage (damage from autoattack), which accounts for a small amount of your threat. That saves you five points.

    I'd suggest taking one point out of Spiritual Attunement, since you shouldn't need it. That saves you one more point.

    So far I've taken 10 points out of Protection, so where to put them? Two in Judgements of the Just at the top of the Protection tree. The other eight points I'd put into Retribution - two in Improved Judgements (you could get away with only one, putting the remaining one into Pursuit of Justice for the run speed increase), three in Heart of the Crusader, and the remaining three in Crusade.

    In addition, take the five points out of Benediction and place them into Conviction. You may also want to move two points in your Protection tree from Divine Guardian into Improved Hammer of Justice, but that's really a personal thing.

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    I know you're shooting to get your avoidance up but like someone said that'd come more with better gear. IMO you should just worry about avoidance but you should be considering your hit/expertise as well. As a tank you want to make sure you aggro everything you need to and that you don't loose aggro. %8 hit is capped for melee and I believe it's %17 for spells. Also expertise rating is %8 cap for parry and i'm not sure about the % but 56 is for dodge(I think). While you try and maintain threat and keep your avoidance up don't forget out stamina as well. A tank with no HP is a dead tank. Here's my armory if you want to take a look. I'm a little more geared but I have been tanking a while too. Good luck and I hope that I have helped in some way.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    I can only say: again thanks a lot for all of your advice, it really helps.
    Concerning my talent tree, i was going to kick out retribution and stoicism anyways. The first one I kept because it helps a little when you are leveling and the second one I thought would help but personally I do not see at all the difference with having it or not (i do some pvping).

    So I will change the talent tree and of course keep improving my gear^^.

    So thanks again and have a wonderful day

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