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Thread: Comprehensive DK PvP Guide

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    I took a break from leveling my mage to play a little bit on my DK just now. I've been doing skirmishes and a few WSG battles. Vengeful Heart Sigil. Full Furious. I just wanted to point out the scourge strike damage post patch(recount):

    Normal Hits (131):

    Min: 146
    Avg: 1058
    Max: 2472

    Crits (24):

    Min: 947
    Avg: 1893
    Max: 2742

    It's pretty much like another white attack now

    I see another shadowfrost spec incoming QQ.


    Also did some training dummy tests:

    Normal Hits (153):

    Min: 855
    Avg: 1690
    Max: 3550

    Crits (33):

    Min: 2498
    Avg: 2958
    Max: 3299
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    Yes PLEASE continue this guide in light of 3.3! I tried the new COI shadow-frost spec and it sucked for me. I have since went back to my lock for arenas, but would love to take DK back in.

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    I'm looking to modify my DK's pvp spec, and am wondering with the Scourge Strike changes (going by your earlier post about the damage logs, Bloodwraith), if a spec like this one: http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc...30100210100000
    Might be more convenient for PvPing post 3.3? I haven't tried it out yet (still at work), but it's a hybrid spec, sort of like the one Toushiro listed above except with Blood/Unholy. Anyone have any thoughts on it? My arena partner is a rogue, so the extra survivability would be nice.

    (If I have time tonight before raid, I'll test it out myself, but we'll see. Tomorrow if not tonight.)
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    Hmm... I tested the build I had posted above, and while it works alright, it really suffers from a lack of a solid burst attack. While it can Obliterate, without the talent points set into Annihilation, you end up blowing all the diseases. A hybrid like the one Toushiro linked will probably work better because of this.

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    my opinion

    I myself have been using frost spec ( dw dps) and even with out pvp gear i still do pretty well i'm working on getting my pvp gear atm so send me a message if you wanna know how it goes

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    Hi, I don't know if you already touched upon this or not, not read all the replies there area few.

    It's about your Key binding, i'm assuming you're using the same Presence swap as you have posted the macro for, but you posted in in 3 and Shift +3, but in order to shift in to unholy, you'd have to press Shift+3 which then uses the one you placed shift 3 spot, there for never turning into frost presence, have you ever noticed that?

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    Add resto druid and warrior to common combo's for 2's, this is my 3rd 2's team and now I'm almost full wrathful (using only 3p and some offpieces for 2's) and at almost 2k rating! Good guide by the way!

    Another tip is to have a 2nd wep (like me with HC bryntroll x2) enchanted with rune of swordbreaking or swordshattering which give you 4% parry and reduced disarm duration to equip vs rogues.

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