I have had alot of people tell me the elemental shaman pvp isnt a good choice to go with, but I have had alot of fun with elemental shaman pvp, and dont plan on switching to resto/enh any time soon, but I need some help with fighting many classes, such as rogues, anyone knows that a good rogue is always deadly, as well as any other class, but I always have trouble with things such as paladins, rogues, warrs (fury, prot and arms are fine), and would like some help fighting these classes. I usually try to save my thunderstorm for when they get up close, and then pop and earthbind, a stoneclaw, and run away in ghost wolf to try to get a few spells off on them, but this doesnt always work, and more than often, I get raped in the process, what am I doing wrong. If I get far away enough, I can get a fs -> lb -> em -> cl (I call a master combo) which does major damage, but usually not enough to down them completely, then I have to get a few more spells off until they are dead. Any strats than can help me out? Ive looked up guides, but I still need more help from other people.

My shammy -> http://www.wowarmory.com/character-s...alls&cn=Ahrana