this is my armoury link, and i'm just wondering what i could do to improve for my guilds first Naxx run this saturday evening. My healers will a pair of druids, and i'll be tanking with a Blood DK

I'm kinda worried about my block (and thus trinket choice), reading alot of posts here i had neglected it to an afterthough stat, but after seeing Xav conversation on the frontpage the other day i was little worried as i only have ~12% block without Lavanthor's talisman. I do have it and Offering of sacrafice should I be taking either of those instead? or should I go spend some shards on one the PVP trinkets?

Also i'm thinking about dropping Glyph of revenge, as its only really useful if I don't have rage to burn, and even then its delaying my white swings. I would prolly take glyph's of last stand or enraged regeneration in its place, or should keep as is?