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Thread: Sartharion 3D zerg tactic?

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    Sartharion 3D zerg tactic?

    I wanted to do this boss for title and i been looking on internet for tactics i couldnt find any good ones.
    Any of you know good tactic for 3D zerg mode?

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    Well, zerg tactic is pure zerging, 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 feral dps +tons of dps, when sartharion is closing to 25%, feral goes bear, taunts, switch to cat, dash to portal while drake enrages and one-shot everything he'll touch.

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    You also need to have some luck with the waves.

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    Yup, just as Mierzei said, tank grabs Sarth, DPS goes all out blowing all cooldowns, MT grabs all the adds he can, including Tenebron when he lands. At 25% Tenebron will enrage, so have your feral druid taunt him and run like crazy. DPS has to be good enough to kill Sarth before Shadron lands, this is not an easy feat even now but it's doable.

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    I've posted a short summary here

    Ok, because I'm bored at work, I will try to make a short summary.
    I've done this in 10 man a couple of weeks ago and it was relativly easy once we developed that we have to kite tenebron.

    Our setup was a heavy-melee-setup with 1 holypala and me as a tankwarrior. Make sure having a cat-druid with you.
    We engaged him from the little isle left behind him and tanked him with his head to the right. This way, you must only take a small step into the lava in one wave and can relaxe and stand right where you are in the other one. This saves a lot of dps and nerves.

    Make sure have a rogue or hunter or both giving you their aggro, for you have to tank 80 seconds against 5k dps melees while tanking in the hardest gear you can obtain. Rets and furys will help a lot, because they're able to burn the small adds while making full dps at sartharion, or at least aggro them. This prevents the healer of beeing killed or interrupted.

    Right at the beginning, everyone uses a hastepotion and 15 seconds later use bloodlust and every dps cooldown/trinket the group has. The first wave will spawn after ~40 seconds, and at the same time, you have to target tenebron, taunt her and build up some aggro.

    From now on, chain your cooldowns for survival, dodge the waves and your fine.

    When Sartharion is at ~35% your cat must go at maxrange to tenebron and be ready. He must be fast, because Sarth will lose is health rapidly! when he's between 28% and 25% the druid has to taunt him and then shapeshift back to cat an sprint to the instance portal.

    Now just burn Sarth down, it will be close. Don't get distracted by shadron when he lands, it takes a while for him to aggro the raid and even when he does, there are still a few seconds left before sartharion gets invulnerable.
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    A feral isn't needed unless its a melee group. You can also do the zerg tactic with a caster group. It's just that everyone needs to do over 4k dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    A feral isn't needed unless its a melee group. You can also do the zerg tactic with a caster group. It's just that everyone needs to do over 4k dps.
    the feral is so that he can taunt Tenebron at 30% on Sartharion, because he enrages and will kill your tank very very fast.

    We did manage to do this with a ret paladin doing the taunting instead of a feral druid, however.

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    We just nuked with one tank and a healer.
    The one tank held aggro the whole time.
    Wiped twice but made it with one member alive the third time.

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    The one issue I had as a tank was the absolute first 2 seconds of the fight if you do the bugged start. So what we did was have a hunter setup a trap and then misdirect onto me. When Sarth appears trap damages sarth and the initial aggro goes to me.

    Other than that, when he gets close to 30%, blow all your defensive cooldowns and pray the dps can finish him before they wear off.

    War tank BTW.

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    Bring alot of high end dps.. if everone can do over 6-9k single target this will be a cake walk. Bring a shaman either healing or dps for bloodlust. Have the primary tank tank everything..

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    Just burn baby, burn. 1 tank and have the dps go nuts; with the gear now it's cake if (and I stress if) the dps stay out of the fire waves.


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