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Thread: Crysis A CST PVE 13/14 LFM

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    Crysis A CST PVE 13/14 LFM

    Crysis is currently looking for:
    restoration shaman
    enhancement shaman
    balance druid
    holy paladin

    We are currently working on Yogg-Saron 25.

    Who we are:
    We are a guild that enjoys overcoming the challenges of 25 person raid content, including the raiding achievements. Our raid hours are from 7pm-10pm server time (central time) from Monday through Thursday. Invites for raids typically go out 15 minutes before raid time. We have a pretty laid back atmosphere in the guild and a decent sense of humor. We also provide gold for repairs based on how our bank is doing, has been 75-100g per day for full members lately.

    What we are looking for in a member:
    -Attendance and consistency are the most important attributes we are looking for in an applicant. Our raid schedule is listed above, we want people who can consistently show up on time and ready to raid.
    -We require that all members have and use ventrillo.
    -We also require our members to do a bit of work outside of raid time, be it farming consumables, reading up on new boss fights etc.
    -We expect our members to be able to take some constructive criticism without flying off the handle, and to be able to tolerate a joke or two in raid or guild chat.
    -We expect that you will treat your fellow guild mates with respect and make the raiding experience as enjoyable as possible.
    -We expect that you show some skill. Standing in the fire is not a good way to impress us.
    -We expect that you will have maximized your gear and spec for what is available to you. If you have not had much access to 25 person raids, that in itself is not a problem. However, we expect that you have geared yourself from heroics and have your gear properly optimized with spell thread/armor kits on legs, belt buckle on the belt, the head/shoulder rep buffs, enchants and gems.

    About Draka:
    Its a medium population PVE server in the central time zone. The economy is quite stable. As of writing this there are two alliance guilds with heroic Yogg Saron kills and a small handful that are close. There is rarely a queue to enter the game, mostly around the holiday season.

    If you think Crysis would be a good fit for you, please apply at • News

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