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Thread: Getting Back into the Tank Buisness Need Some Help

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    Getting Back into the Tank Buisness Need Some Help

    hello everyone, im just starting to play my druid again after a long long break from wow for school. i noticed that since i been gone that i have lost alot of stam and blizz has added a new avoidance mechanic to druids. im sitting at about 27.5k hp totally unbuffed with about 33% dodge. i was wondering what like the average HP of a bear tank now? like i dont wanna go tank a 25man naxx and stink up the place. also Should i be Enchanting for Stam or Agility? i know i use to enchant for agility. any help would be much appreciated.


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    also to add on to this what is the hit cap for feral dps? i have looked everywhere!

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    This isn't really the right forum for help questions. Also, try reading a bit before posting such general questions. A quick view of your past posts show you come here every month or so demanding answers to very basic questions that have already been answered elsewhere.
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    Link armory, and post in the right forum next time.

    Moved to Armory forum, assuming you'll edit and add your armory link.

    And basically what Astemus said.

    hit cap is 8% unless dual wielding.

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