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Thread: Glyph of Blocking, Shield Slam bonus and Gag Order

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    Glyph of Blocking, Shield Slam bonus and Gag Order

    I haven't been able to find the right answer for this lately. I was wondering if the shield slam damage bonus from T7 adds onto the gag order talent from the prot tree. In other words, is it a solid 20% increase to shield slam?

    Also, with glyph of blocking, would that add another 10% damage increase? Or is one overwritten by the other?

    The reason I ask is because my spec and glyph choice involves all of the above, and I was wondering if breaking my 2 set bonus from T7 would be hurting me at all since I have gag order and the glyph.

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    i believe they stack. in my block set, i can crit shield slam for over 10k.

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    it all stacks. I have tried switching over to full t8 and was a bit suprised to see my threat and dps stay the same. I guess the extra deep wounds from the devastate crit chance evens it out.

    Blocking is still by far the best glyph though!

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