Hey all,
Wasnt sure if this was the place for this but here goes. I played a warrior in BC and loved it, then when wrath hit played ma feral druid upto 80 and been raiding alot.. i love to tank so thought would try my warrior again but been seeing changes bla blah. so now im unsure about leveling to 80, been thinking of going duel spec prot for 1 of em so can goto instances but not sure bout ma solo spec orginally 1-70 i went fury found it awsome but now im seeing alot bout arms and less bout fury.. still love the thought of titans grip but dont wanna gimp myself.

so if anyone could give me an idea/suggestion of a 70-80 leveling spec with arms/fury, and/or a 70-80 prot spec?

anyone could help id be very gratefull thanks guys