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Thread: pre-Uld Fury Gear - Prot warrior -> DPS help

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    pre-Uld Fury Gear - Prot warrior -> DPS help

    I have bought dual-spec when it came out and have been experimenting with fury for less than two weeks. I'm a DPS virgin . I have a mix of Naxx 25, badge, crafted, and heroic gear for my DPS set. It's fully enchanted and gemmed. I have read the DPS / fury starter posts on this forum. My DPS output is still quite lowand according to "RAWR" I should be cranking out much higher numbers in an ideal setting.

    My gear: http://wow.magelo.com/profile/160989
    25 Uld (fairly optimal setting) raid log: Wow Web Stats
    10 Naxx raid log: Wow Web Stats

    I obviously need to learn to use my cooldown abilities better and coordinate them with heroism being cast.

    I was hoping for advice on what to improve. My gear is unlikely to receive Ulduar upgrades until our DPS have their Ulduar gear and it trickles down to non-DPS classes.

    I am mostly wondering what I could improve by working on my technique. Any advice will be most appreciated.

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    what's your rotation? I assume it's BT>WW>Slam on Proc and HS spam when you're in situations when rage isn't an issue. If you know when Heroism will be cast (typically closer to the end of the fight, sometimes at the beginning...just be sure you know when for whatever fight), make sure your Recklessness and Deathwish are off cooldown and pop it then. If the Heroism is being cast at the end of the fight, usually you can pop your Deathwish at the beginning and maybe a Haste potion. Your deathwish should be off cooldown for whenever Heroism is cast.

    Regardless of a protection warrior in the raid, you should be stacking sunders off the bat to improve physical damage done to the boss.

    Basically learning your rotation and knowing the exact times your BT/WW are off cooldown are pretty key. Also a mod such as Slam Alert will help you know when your Bloodsurge procs. As Fury, I typically don't have many issues with rage, so I am spamming HS quite often. If I get too low, my white hits usually take care of that unless I somehow miss consecutive times. You also might want look into stacking Strength gems, since Strength is your best stat due to improved Berserker Stance. I understand the expertise cap of 26 is important, but when it comes down to it, Strength will be your best friend.

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