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Thread: Warrior MTing in Ulduar

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    Warrior MTing in Ulduar

    So I'm coming across some problems with gearing for ulduar and doing as much MTing as possible. Obviously, most MTing in Ulduar is avoidance based which makes DKs the best for the job but I've been the MT for my guild for the past year and a half throughout BC progression and WotLK and I want to do the best I can with MTing as many bosses as possible in Ulduar. I'm not excatly happy with my set up and I'm trying multiple things. Here's my current armory:


    I'm finding I'm seriously lacking Stam. I've NEVER been a fan of stam stacking for warrior tanks, never, and with the current gear I have I've been struggling replacing pieces from Maly and Naxx b/c I have been attempting to maintain hit cap as well as some basic level of expertise. Replacing the tanking pants from 25 Maly killed me in the expertise department but I really needed the 4 piece bonus to make MTing easier on fights such as Hodir. Also using Last Stand and Shield Wall glyphs are helpful to cut down the CD timers.

    My threat is not a huge issue with rotations, only at times if I end up gettin rage starved early in an encounter. I can pull an average of 5-6k tps easily. If you also notice, I'm barely defense capped. I've had to gem for defense and it's only 543 atm. I've been trying to maintain an expertise rating of about 20 which isn't even the dodge cap but with the Furnace of Stone trinket, and Armored to the Teeth, its a good burst of threat as the armor it grants translates to AP and jesus, it's 105 dodge! For my yellow sockets I'm trying to throw in dodge/defense or expertise/defense gems and in blue and red sockets I'm trying to throw in dodge/stam or expertise/stam. I always use full consumables (Stoneblood Flasks and Streg/Stam food buff) and regularly use Indestructable Potions before fights start and then one during the fight of course always depending on the encounter. We have some very pro dpsers in our raids that easily pull 6k tps just on their own (our hunters and locks rock!) and I enjoying being able to maintain a high level of tps to help them pewpew bosses.

    Prior to Ulduar I was spec'd heavily for threat gen and rarely put points in to Imp Spell Reflect and Imp Disciplines and I'm not sure if Imp Spell Reflect is making much of a difference although my healers say that it appears to. I'm not sure if on a boss encounter the +4% spell miss is any benifit and I'm not specing into it for the additional reflects. I'm missing my Cruelty greatly as I took points out of it to be placed into these talents. I'm for sure going to keep Imp Disciplines b/c w/ a 2 min Shield wall (including glyphing for it) and a 2 min Last Stand, I'm able to MT Hodir and Mimiron and have constant CD's to use during the high damage times (Frozen Blows and Plasma Blast). I have not attempted tanking these fights in 25 man content yet as my HP is very low (just 30k unbuffed). If I were to respec it would be very minor things. Take the 1 point out of Focused Rage and 2 out of Imp Spell reflect, put an extra point into Shield Specialization to get down the tree and put the 2 remaining points in either Shield SPecialization or Cruelty. I'm thinking of replacing Glyph of blocking with something else, maybe revenge. I've also thought about replacing glyphs as needed depending on the boss encounter but that could get expensive/excessive in a single Ulduar lock out period.

    So I'm looking for some feedback, good and bad and hopefully something that is understandable and intellegent. Any other warrior tanks experiencing anything similar or done any theory crafting with MTing Ulduar. I am not a huge fan when people say warrior's just can't do it. I think with the right gear set up, great heals (which we have) and the right rotation of CDs, HP, and threat gen, we can be the ultimate MTing class again. :P

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    Warriors may not be the best anymore but we are fully capable of tanking everything in ulduar. I have not gone the avoidance rout myself though so I am unsure how well that works for warriors in Ulduar. As for the spell reflect I do not think that taking improved spell reflect is really about the 4%. The main use that I have used it for is for Steelbreaker phase three and yogg saron phase two. You can spell reflect the Hight Voltage for the melee and do 15-30k damage with each spell reflect you do on steelbreaker. In yogg phase two you can stand with the raid and reflect all the debuffs the corruptors cast. This lets you do 20-21k or chain stun or slow depending on what you reflect.

    Now for your gear and spec. If you are having trouble taking damage and do not have trouble with your threat you might want to pick up improved demo shout instead of deep wounds. Also change out some of your expertise gems for more stam. You really shouldnt need to focus on threat on your progression gear. Have a second set that you focus on threat that you switch out to when needed. Your defense problem seems to stem from your ring not having defense. I would get that upgraded as your number one priority
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    Agreed, I hate that ring and really want a new one. I have yet however to see anything good drop although I know they are out there. And the Imp Demo Shout was something that I was quite curious about and forgot to ask. Do you know how effective it is? I haven't tried specing into it yet and it's been in the back of my mind. We are still progressing and w/ Iron Counsil I've been keeping the smallest (drawn a blank on the name atm) shut down w/ stuns and inturrupts for the most part while our other tanks get Steelbreaker and I'm sure we'll really give yogg the best attempt this week at least w/ our 10 man so ty for the advice as to imp spell reflect.

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    I agree with the previous post, and i would look into getting +22 defence to chest and +16 defence to cloak. Don't worry about geming for the slot bonus, if you need the extra HP stack +24 stam.

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    i concur with poster above. +22 defense to chest and + 16 def to cloak will easily solve your defense problems. ring or no ring. 30k UB hp is quite acceptible in my honest opinion as warrior MT in ulduar. just gotta be careful on the hard hitters (runed steelbreaker, debuff + kologarn, etc). in its most obvious statement. if you want stamina gem for stamina...
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