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Thread: Prot Warrior in 3s works!

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    Prot Warrior in 3s works!

    I was running arms war/ret pali/resto druid 3s last night and got farmed by prot war/DK/ret they were at 2200MMR. Faced them 4 or 5 times and lost miserably each time. Sadly I didn't realize the warrior was prot until after the 2nd match was over (arms warriors are usually great first targets because they're nearly useless once they go sword/board - and even more useless if they get bubbled). We tried going on the ret but they could easily shut down our healer and put out stupid burst. I was pretty surprised to see triple dps and even more surprised to see a prot warrior.

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    This actually doesn't surprise me, I've been making good friends with some of the higher rated pvpers on my server and honestly, Arms + prot works really well so long as your arms warrior and prot warriors are good. Combiningwith an Unholy DK for deathrip and desecration... along with a ret pally basically gives you a lot of instant short term CC to pile up for brutal instagibbing right out of the door.

    Anytime I've done twos with Unholy Dk/arms/ret the name of the game is to finish the match in under 1 minute. Trying out a new team with a ret friend now. Going to see how it goes with just ret and prot.

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    Yeah it does just started this team 3 days ago, protection me + feral + frost dk, and it seems pretty well, we're at 18xx rating atm and some of our fights have lasted less than 20 sec from entering combat (feral still having berserk in game end, the lockdown is really sick, however we'd probably do better if our third guy was ret instead of dk. nonetheless we were kinda farmed by 2x healer + pve geared dk yesterday, but we do stand a chance against the cleave teams if we manage to kill their healer (palas are hard if their dps knows to stop me from shattering his bubble).

    the dk silence added to the stunlock of mine + feral burst is kinda crazy though, and we usually gib the healer before the opposing ret palas get a chance to cast BoP (hungering cold, and if he trinkets pop fear ftw).

    anyways good luck in your 3s, and have fun with your ret friend Veryl

    I myself will be hoping to be able to climb higher up the rating on 3s this week, I think 3x burst with prot really got some potential.

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    in 2s i play as a prot war with a non healing prot pally, our idea there is to be able to outlast certain combos, so far it got us to 1856. So i finally found a resto druid crazy enough to try and play 3v3 with us, with the same thing in mind, hide your druid for as long as you can, and outlast. Or in some cases if you have the luxury of a pve opponent try to burst that target down. It's kind of the opposite of a burst team with a double tank setup, but it's good fun to say the least.

    The reason we don't let the druid do to much at the moment is simply because he has around 0 res with his pve gear. which makes it difficult to play at the moment. (this is probably why the druid does not mind playing with 2x prot fanatics ) Usually we can last long enough and fear / stun / slow our druids followers long enough for him to get out of combat / stealth so attackers are mostly forced to deal with us again untill we drop low.

    so far we've not been able to play much and practice with our team, but we got up to near 1600 in 3v3 without that much trouble. Much better than expected to say the least.

    The best scenario for us is a burst based teams as opponents, but we've done well vs the resto druid + dk + ms war / resto druid + ms war + warlock / rogues + priest + mage. Hopefully the druid will stick around even with his resilience gear, and we'll see where it gets, but it seems we'll be able to go up higher than what we have achieved thus far. When the druid has some more gear we might finally be able to adjust our tactics a bit and trow in some more cyclones without the druid being 1 shotted.

    I have yet to try a 5v5 setup with prot, at the moment it is hard to find enough people who want to make a more serious attempt at making it work. (more pve players who want to lose 10 matches asap and quit for the week)

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