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Thread: Resto Shaman T8.5..better than Valor?

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    Resto Shaman T8.5..better than Valor?

    So, I was browsing EJ's and they had a great spread on the differences between Valor gear and the T8.5 gear. I have been looking at individual pieces and comparing the set bonuses together...and I have been concerned as whether or not it would really be an upgrade. Still undecided but thought I would post a piece off EJ's to get some feed back from other Resto Shamans...

    Tier 7 Heroes' Earthshatter Regalia-10 and Tier 7.5 Valorous Earthshatter Regalia-25
    2-piece bonus: Your Water Shield is 10% stronger.
    4-piece bonus: Increases the healing done by your Chain Heal and Healing Wave by 5%.

    Tier 8 Valorous Worldbreaker Regalia-10 and Tier 8.5 Conqueror's Worldbreaker Regalia-25
    2-piece bonus: Reduces cooldown on Riptide by 1 sec
    4-piece bonus: Reduces the cast time of Chain Heal by 0.2 second

    [top]When Should I Switch to Tier 8?

    Continue using Tier 7.0/7.5 until you have four pieces of Tier 8.0/8.5. The Tier 8 four-piece bonus is equal to 8.7% haste + 0.088% per 1% haste on gear (at additional mana consumption). The Tier 7 bonus is a straight +5% more healing from Chain Heal at no additional mana cost. The Tier 8.5 bonus provides more HPS than Tier 7.5 even with about 3,000 spell power.

    However, both set bonuses on Tier 8.5 can quickly drain mana. Tier 7.5 may prove more useful in mana-intensive fights.

    Numbers in parenthesis are including gems and socket bonuses

    Valorous Earthshatter Regalia
    Stam: 376
    Int: 345 (379)
    Mana Regen: 100 (105)
    Crit Rating: 45
    Haste Rating: 176
    Spellpower: 474 (559)
    Note: [Winter Spectacle Gloves]used instead of set piece

    Conquerer's Worldbreaker
    Stam: 381
    Int: 386 (402)
    Mana Regen: 79 (84)
    Crit Rating: 228
    Haste Rating: 173
    Spellpower: 525 (624)
    Note: Two red gems in the chest and two red in the legs ignoring socket bonuses

    Stam: +5
    Int: +23
    Mana Regen: -21
    Crit Rating: +183 (4.0% crit)
    Haste Rating: -3
    Spellpower: +65

    Set bonuses:
    2 piece - 1 second off CD for riptide
    4 piece - .2o sec reduction on Chainheal cast

    Depends on how you heal I guess, but only differnce for me personally that would make it more attractive is the 4% crit increase, which would be nice for regen from water globes. I wonder if someone smarter than I knows the math on how much more regen we would get from criting more often, and if it outweighs the 21mp5 lost as a stat. Anyways....would love some feedback.
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    I'm going to preface this with the fact that I have primarily done 10-man raiding, as my guild did not have the numbers for 25 until last week. We should hopefully be moving onto 25-mans this next raid week.

    For my personal perspective and current healing style, I've pretty much ignored EJ's advice and am currently using 2pc T7 and 2pc T8. The reason I've not given the 4pc T7 bonus a second thought is because Riptide and LHW usually make up a large percentage of my heals more consistently than Chain Heal or Healing Wave, which means that the 4pc T7 bonus is not seeing that much use. However, I do still have my T7 so I can switch out gear to get the 4pc bonus back if I think it will benefit me more. I will of course be using 4pc T8 once I get more pieces though.

    In general, I find that the reason people die is not because the heals weren't big enough, but because they didn't come fast enough. The T8 bonuses help with getting heals out faster, even if only slightly so. Casting Riptide more means that Tidal Waves is up more, which means that LHW and HW both cast much faster.

    As for the regen question, I've not really noticed many mana issues, but then I'm casting spells that will proc IWS more. I don't know the exact math for the regen from IWS procs, but there's likely an equation at EJ. My personal experience thus far is that losing the MP5 from gear has not effected me much at all.

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    It really really really depends on you healing style. If you're, *gasp* god forbid it, a CH "spammer" then sure, T7 will probably be your best bet until you've upgraded your non-tier pieces to lose those 10% extra to CH. If you're like me, more a RT LHW guy, then it's worth switching to T8 as soon as you get it.

    Personally I tried the good old Haste+Mp5 setup when we started running 25man, but I didn't like the feel over my initial Crit setup. IWS and Replenishment provides more than enough mana for me (just sucks that we have an elemental shaman as well, I'm not going to take his gear as he can't use my mp5 gear) - only downside is I'm not regening as much as I like when we have a transistion of some kind.
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