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Thread: Health vs Defencive Cap where is the balance??

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    Health vs Defencive Cap where is the balance??

    i am also lookin for advice so
    i liked the way u r helpin and suggestions abaut gearing may be u can help me too
    i worked for the def. cap but i couldnt raise my health-
    looked for the gearing lists and some guides but if i change the gear def cap lowers so
    i am so confused that they even dont want me in heroics either way(23k ealth or lower then def. cap)
    i couldnt find a way out and started jewelcraftın for 41stm gem and some trinkets(ruby hare-monarch crap) but so money and time wasting

    is there any other way u offer or another gear that can be taken by normal instances or craftin to help me out from this contidition???

    here is my armory link

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    The defensive need to be met, theres no way around that. If your not going to spend the cash to buy the BOE epics and follow the gear lists that are already on the site, not much can be done for you.

    A tank with 22k unbuffed hp can tank Naxx 10 man without a problem

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    A few advice:
    1. Get the Armor Plated Shotgun that engineers can craft, it has defense and tons of stamina (blue socket!)
    2. Keep doing HoL regular for the defense trinket, once you have that trinket it's much easier to switch gear for more stamina.
    3. One of the tanking weapons from UK regular or Oculus regular could also solve your defense problems and allow you move some items for more stamina.
    4. If you can afford the mats, get the 40 stamina enchant for your bracers.

    As Lizana said, your stats are good enough, you should be tanking heroics and starting naxx with your stats. Don't let elitist PuGers get you down!

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    Defense minimum for heroics is 535. Get there first. Don't forget that defense gives you alot of avoidance and will be helping you survive. Once you're crit immune then gem and enchant for health. Follow the gearing guides for getting rep gear and specific heroics for their tank specific loot and badge purchases. There are easy heroics that you'll do absolutely fine in with your gear and they will have some quality upgrades for your tank set. It won't take long.

    You can fool the pug elitist if you want by keeping your commanding shout up always. Give them the numbers they want to see when you know you have what it takes to do the job. Don't let them get you down. If you fail you have only to wait till tomorrow for a fresh start on that instance.

    Heroics I recommend are: (for starters)

    Azjol-Nerub (Great tank loot in here; trinket and bracers.)

    Utgarde Pinnacle (Tank sword here and fairly easy as long as you know the strats.)

    Violet Hold (You may want to blow it off if you get the void boss or the dude that teleports and you need to kite. Just wait till next reset to try again if you're not surviving them. However this was my first tanked heroic and I had both those bosses.)

    Any of the bosses in these dungeons can be brought down easily if you simply know the strat that has you avoiding their big damage moves. In other words, its not a gear check, you'll do fine.

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    Yep as the others have said there is no trade off 535(Heroic) 540(raid) or don't enter.
    ** Remember Warcraft players fail in directions you never thought possible.

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    Thx everyone
    That gives some self confidence

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    Dont gem for parry. Replace those two gems with +24 stam. Get eternal belt buckle and slap a +24 stam on that too. Should give 500 more HP

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