I'm mainly in charge on handling adds but get to emergency MT. After spending a few weeks in Ulduar 25, I've been thinking about tweaking my talent build to this. This is something like what the other DKs in my guild recommended me to swap to.

Is there any real benefit from swapping to Will of the Necropolis? It seems to me that if at any time that I would be hitting 35%, a wipe is probably incoming and nothing would be able to save me. Also could anyone shine light on the issue of DRM? I've read a few threads where people argue that using DS instead of HS spam is better but is there any conclusive evidence? The outgoing DK tank in my guild recommended that I pick up Scent of Blood instead of Subversion but would the RP generation benefit blood tanking that much? I've never faced a scenario that I lacked enough RP to IBF/AMS but what would the general recommendation be?