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Thread: Tankadin Spec

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    Tankadin Spec

    I wanted to get intelligent comments on my main tankadin spec (see below). I have given three options there, they are basically the same with some points shifted around here and there.

    My thoughts:
    I do not think 2/2 Spirt. Attunement is required with divine plea, Judgement of Wiz and BoS, so I'm considering either 1/2 or not at all. I usually tank with a DK, and I'm going to switch back to my pally, whom I tanked with throughout BC, so I'm not sure about the mana issues or lack thereof with BoS+Div Plea up all the time. And I'm not entirely sure whether 2/2 Guarded by the Light is necessary. Although the reduction to spell damage taken is nice, I don't believe that 100% chance to renew divine plea on hit is that much better than a 50% chance when you have 15 seconds to get those 2 hits in.

    Option 1: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    Option 2: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft
    Option 3: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Any intelligent comments welcomed and greatly appreciated.

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    I use the build in your options #2 (actually same as option #3 so not sure if you mislinked a third option) as I have found it to work best for me in Ulduar. I have tried 2/2 in Pursuit of Justice since Ulduar requires a bit of mobility but found it not to be worth trimming the two points out of Crusade for the added threat. I am mostly main-tanking Ulduar-10 and both main and off-tanking in Ulduar-25. I feel that build offers excellent threat, the best mitigation you can get from your talents, and good raid utility.

    A few comments about some of the choices in several of your builds and to try and give you my view on the Spiritual Attunement talent.

    1/2 in Spiritual Attunement is plenty and I have found I rarely have mana issues, never from tanking in encounter bosses. You can get a little squirrly on mana on trash pulls if you are burning through your mana with consecrates and AS. In short, take 1/2 and moderate your consecrates and you'll be fine.

    5/5 Divinity is just a bad use of talent points for a tank. You already have +6% healing from Improved Devotion Aura, regardless of what aura you have up. While this won't stack with ToL from Druid's, another 5% isn't going to help you since typically you will be overhealed as a tank. Those points are better spent on mitigation or threat talents.

    Guarded by the Light, which you list at 1/2 in your first option, needs to be max'd always. That's 6% (vs. 3% for 1/2) spell damage mitigation and allows you to keep Divine Plea up 100% of the time as long as you are attacking a mob once every 12 seconds. This is a core tanking talent.

    Divine Sacrafice was nerfed in 3.1 in terms of absorption (now capped @ 150% of your health) but is now independent in when you use it compared to pre-3.1. This also allows you to get Divine Guardian which increases the duration of Sacred Shield (you should be self-casting this on yourself) 100% and saves one GCD per minute.

    Major Glyphs you'll want to use with that build are: Divine Plea, SoV, and either Exorcism or HotR (I am running Exo for now). Minor Glyphs you'll want to run are LoH, Sense Undead (for Naxx. runs if you still make them and b/c there's not a lot of other choices), and nothing (get Wise, Kings, etc., something you find useful).

    That's my take on your questions. You can find the basis for a lot of these answers over at Maintankadin in Knaughty's Advanced Tanking FAQ. Hope this helps you.

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    My spec is basically your #3 spec.

    You need 2/2 Guarded by the Light. Spell damage is a prot paladin's weakest link, so reducing it by 6% is huge. The refresh thing on Plea I agree makes no difference whether it is 50% or 100%, but the spell damage mitigation makes the second point required.

    I do 1/2 SA as well. I haven't felt it except on Vezax.

    I spec into Imp. Hammer in lieu of Divine Guardian, but that is just personal preference. Same with PoJ + 3/5 Conviction vs. 5/5 Conviction.

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