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Thread: stamina vs avoidance?

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    stamina vs avoidance?

    for my DK tank, i have most times went for avoidance, since i tank unholy, i have read that if you are good, you can have good enough avoidance you can keep the bone shield up most of the time, and also, you get more threat from runestrike being up a lot of time. but i had a talk today with another dk, claiming i shouldn´t go for avoidance more than the ones that is allready on gear, and aim for being stamina capped instead, since there was no way i would get good enough avoidance to be unhittable anyways. I have always wanted a good combination of having high avoidance and good stamina, anyone have suggestions to what is best?

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    I used to think that "defense cap" was the most inappropriate use of "cap". However, "stamina cap" might just overtake it. Cap = the point at which adding more of the stat gives you *nothing*. Not "less than adding another stat", nothing. Stamina always increases your HP, so there is no possible way for a "stamina cap" to exist.

    To your question though: there is no simple answer. There is no gear set or stat allocation mix that will be the best for every situation. If you talk to the MT of most any progression guild, you'll find that they have several sets of gear, typically one that maximizes effective health, one that maximizes avoidance (via whatever stats are appropriate for the class - in your case parry and dodge) and for sheild-using classes, one that maximizes block rating and value. For certain fights, you may also have a resist set (FrR for Hodir for example).

    None of my sets minimize my other tank-centric stats. In my dodge and block sets, I'm unhittable with holy shield up, but only at the cost of 2k HP. In my EH set, I'm still uncrittable, but have something like a 7% chance to be hit.

    As a paladin, I tend to use my block set for trash, my dodge set for bosses, and my EH set for boss fights where I need to give my healers some extra breathing room. But there are exceptions to these guidelines, and I choose the set that makes sense for the situation at hand.

    You seem to understand the benefits that the various stats give you, so you should be able to judge when you need to use various gearsets. If you need to build threat quickly on multiple mobs that don't do really big hits (say Freya's elementals), you want to be in a set that maximizes your TPS. If you are doing a fight whose mechanics give you time to build a threat lead over DPS (say Hodir as DPS break out the NPCs or Thorim as the arena group cleans up the last of the spectators) then you can go with gear that does a bit less TPS but increases your survivability.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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