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Thread: New 5v5 team - Comp advice

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    New 5v5 team - Comp advice

    I'd been talking to the avid PVP guys in my guild for a year (off and on) about a 5v5 team and I finally bit the bullet and made one. It seems a lot of guys can't get on a team that lasts any length of time and I thought I could keep one maintained. I had a couple of questions about compositions I thought I would toss out here. I'm inexperienced with WoW arena though I played Daoc RvR and in Guild Wars I was a Necro in a Ranger Spike team and a Wa/Ra in an IWAY team but that's been years ago for both. I've also done a bit of wow BG's over the last 4 years though I'm aware it is useless info for Arena. My goal is to have a decent ranking and spend 5-8 hours a week doing arena matches once the breaking in period is done.

    I've got (so far):

    Probably Reliable

    Paladin - Holy, would rather be Ret
    Warrior - Arms, 1800'ish ranked in his 2v2 team
    Druid - Resto
    Mage - Frost

    Possible Backups

    Paladin - Retribution
    Shaman - Restoration, would rather be Enhancement

    I was wondering if it's viable to go 2 melee/1 ranged/2 healer with a pressure build or if I should be adding a second ranged dps instead. Has anyone had luck with 4 dps spike builds in the higher arena brackets (1800+)?

    My own character could either be an Arms Warrior (my main who tanks in PVE) or a Priest of any spec. Looking at the comp above I thought a Discipline Priest might be the best addition and have the Paladin who loves Ret switch. Do you guys think a Disc Priest would make a better arena healer than a Holy Paladin?

    Are there any totally overpowered classes I should look at bringing in to replace my main lineup, at least until a future nerf? I have heard DK's are crazy right now but people talk about them that way whether it's PVE or PVP. :P

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    2 melee/1 ranged or 1 melee/2 ranged both are viable. I think a shaman is a must have for 5v5 for heroism.

    Here is a list of popular comps so you can see what people are running: Arena Team Setup Statistics - World of Warcraft Realm History

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    While it still holds true bring the player not the class - if you're choosing between equally skilled people certain classes really shine in 5v5 - warriors (the best MS - if you don't have a warrior you're going to need to have a hunter or rogue), shaman - there really is no replacement for heroism, paladin - there are a lot of 4 dps teams out there - really even 2 good dps can blow up a target pretty well and that bubble is game breaking, even priest's with their mass dispel are pretty powerful. One very popular comp now is holy pali/resto shaman/warrior/ret/dk (really any 3 melee "cleave" team). rogue/mage/priest/shaman/pali is another popular one.

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