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Thread: MT and OT loot questions

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    It really depends on how your raid is composed. I agree pretty much with Daavos, in my guild there's no real MT/OT roles, we have 3 tanks (warrior, pally, DK) and we want all of them to be able to tank any encounter (and off-spec dps when needed), mostly because we're not that hardcore, and we don't want to force any of the tanks to be there 100% of the time (the 3 of us like to take a day off every now and then). Because we are a bit laid back, mature, and we don't really carry slackers in the raid, we just go by free-rolling and it's not uncommon to see someone pass on an item to someone else who needs it more.

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    My 2 cents for whatever its worth:

    2 issues:

    1: Loot council, it works or its doesnt, enough said, im not a fan for this reason.

    2. I dont see the same importance in a Defined MT/OT roles in WOLK. I would on certain encounters suggest that your OT should be the better geared and your MT not so much. Meaning the roles are reversed and such. You have your tanks, they need gear and the best possible gear at that. Chances are, in an encounter if your OT dies cause their gear is lacking, then the raid fails? And the same holds true for your MT, then they should be treated equally. *shrug... but you get my point. Priority to the MT has advantages, but sharing it equally also has advantages.

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    Another issue hinted upon is the plight of the off-tank. They're needed to handle adds/trash in some situations and needed to dps/heal in other situations. For all guild/raid intents, they are dps/heal as main spec and tank as secondary spec since the reality is they only need them for certain situations.

    How the hell do you gear up? You have to roll/spend dkp on every item since you have, basically, two "main" specs. How do you handle tier tokens? Does the RL/GM tell you how to spend that token (does he even have the right?) [Hey if they pay for the gems and enchants, I'll spend it how they want...otherwise it is my choice]
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