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Thread: Shield Slam vs Revenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlikes View Post
    I am going to guess you have not actually played a warrior in a really long time. Shield slam now costs 20 rage and 17 with talents.
    Just Haven't read the tooltips for a long time, I have it turn off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlikes View Post
    Revenge should not be doing more damage than your shield slam. You may want to go back and look at your talents if it is.
    My Shield Slam averages 2200 and 6000 critical.
    My Revenge averages 2500 and 6700 critical.

    If you're stacking Block Value, obviously your SS might pull ahead... but you shouldn't be stacking Block Value in any serious set.

    the time in between the revenge and ss cooldowns are 5 seconds and 6 seconds so your telling me you will shield slam then revenge and may or my not get a proc that you are rlying on?
    Bottom line Soyboy is you are underestimating Sword and Board. It's not just "some proc" that we're "relying on" it is the single most important source of Protection Warrior threat in the game. Period. The more Sword and Board procs you can trigger and take advantage of in a given fight, the higher your TPS and DPS will be.

    Using Revenge while SS is available is deliberately gimping your threat and damage by denying yourself the benefit of a potential S&B proc.

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    Ya I was wrong on revenge doing less. I usually have my combat log just showing incoming damage and had not noticed that my revenge was now out damaging my shield slam. Shield slam has been the big hitter for so long its an interesting change.

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