Hi, just looking for a bit of Tankadin advice, I'm pretty happy with my spec and threat output so far, and have been the OT in tens since we started, our group are at General at the moment, and we are getting solid attempts in. The only problem fight so far is Mimiron, and its just general group awareness and the fact we are a bit melee heavy, making phase two dicey when we get alot of rockets amongst us. We've downed it but it still gives us headaches.

I have been MT for Hodir as I have the full FR set and its easier for our heals at this stage for me to be running frost aura as well. I breeze through it, but I do know people are running little or no FR, I doubt I'd go so well without it. Im wondering what I need to be looking at now in order to get into 25 runs as an OT. Im able to run Kings on myself so I hit just over 30k selfbuffed, and I have been told I'm quite easy on the heals, so I think my avoidance is working well, but all the gear I'm getting means my dodge is going ever up, and my block rating down, though Ive gained some hit and expertise, I still rate block quite highly on the must have list. (Parry really doesnt budge from 16%-ish, those items usually go to our Warrior, which is fine by me, I dont think I need much more.)

I'd love to drop my Repelling Charge but have trouble maintaining my defence cap without it. I dont have access to Conquest Emblem gear yet, and theres only one upgrade I see worthwhile getting from Valor now, which is the boots, but I will over time get enough badges for 7.5 if r.n.g bites and I dont get more T8 for a while. As you can see from armory, my gear is 10 Naxx, some Valor badge gear and Ulduar 10 stuff. I do hope in time to fill in some more slots with Ulduar upgrades but would love to get into 25's now.

Just looking for some advice, like HP required for 25m OT, whether I should be really concerned about my disappearing block, or just keep taking the dodge stuff as it has higher Stamina. Also, where should I be heading for something to replace my defense trinket once I'm able to let it go? I know theres a great trinket in Ulduar similar to the Heroic AN one, but our MT wants it as well, so I may have to wait a while on that one. Lastly, I guess it might be good if I've done something critically stupid with my spec/gear, someone giving me a heads up would be awesome!

The World of Warcraft Armory

Thanks in advance for any advice