I know this used to be a great comp in TBC. And I know I've almost never seen it in WotLK. But I ran into a good in-game buddy who happens to be a rogue and we decided to throw our hat into arena.

2 weeks in and we're making our way up to where we can buy some deadly gear lol. So far we're just bursting the other team down and making it an AoE fest so that the healer gets overwhelmed (or we take turns CC-ing him). Or if it's 2 dps we just hope our burst is better than theirs.

Obviously this isn't going to work once we start climbing the ratings. So any advice? If we get really good I'll probably end up respeccing weekends for pvp =p (right now I'm arms / tank for raiding).

What kind of Res should I be targetting? In general I'm the big punching bag and he's the class cannon. Is he going to need to start stacking Res at some point too?

He's combat for pve right now, should I suggest a spec for pvp to him? Kiling Spree + Bladestorm has been downright lethal with the other Arena newbs.

Also I haven't really been able to wait for him to Sap since really aggressive teams will make a beeline for me (ret pallie especially). So what kind of openers could we be doing?

Thanks in advance guys.