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Thread: What am I ready to tank?

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    What am I ready to tank?

    I just recently came back to the game, hit 80 less than a week ago, and am trying to gear myself out for Nax 10 runs with a guild of mostly RL friends I've been lucky enough to put together.

    Now, one of the FAQ's I checked before posting here claims "Uncrittable + 20k health + 20k armour and you should be good to go" for Nax 10. I've heard people in game saying I'm only ready for heroics, but I see a lot of people not willing to tackle content without an overgeared tank, so I don't know what to believe. A couple of my friends play holy priest and resto druid with at least Uld 10 gear, so at least I have that benefit. I want to make sure I'm ready to not be 2 shot stepping into Nax though.

    Here's my armory profile. Please don't hesitate to lay into me and let me know what sort of corrections I should make as far as chants/gems/etc. I'm working on picking up the essence of gossamer from heroic AN to replace that stop watch, also. Thanks for any comments.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Edit: I'm about 30 minutes away from my honored sons of hodir shoulder enchant. I'm working on exalted.
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    Judging from your gear, you should be able to tank the easier heroics without much problems. (UK, Nexus, etc.)

    If you are good at tanking and have a solid healer behind you, you should be able to tank other heroics as well.

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