Protection warriors have been my favorite class to play in WoW. I used to raid a lot but as i have less time to raid i prefer to just play casual, as a result i do not have access to high block value items or 'insane pve' loot. I always used to aim for a maximum amount of block value for the big slams (yes those over 9000 things), but i thought i should give a full pvp set a try as well in WotlK. (Full pvp = as much pvp loot as i have.)

I was amazed to see it worked out pretty well so far, focussing on stamina and resilience to get the most out of the survival aspect. (without all the avoidance you have on the pve gear normally)

In 2v2 i play together with a prot pally and i am trying to encourage him to get a high resilience / stamina set as well but he is to much attached to his pve gear i'm afraid, i was just hoping he would give it a try so we could test this. Anyway, we ended up on 1707 rating for now, but we seem to be going up.

At the time i was making this video my 2v2 partner was unavailable for 2v2, so i decided to queue up in the skirmish arena. I wanted to play 1 v 2, i made a little vid of the result of that experiment. Using around 720 resilience, around 31k hp, 900-1000ish block value, with all the basic pvp loot and 2 naxx set items for the slam bonus. (which i want to drop for the intercept bonus from the pvp set as soon as i buy my furious chest to see if more mobility makes up for the 10% slam loss.)

movie can be downloaded here (filefront servers didn't upload for me so i had to use this weird host):
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armory profile can be found here:
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(note: i did a poor job on the render settings, i overlooked something which resulted in a weird aspect ratio, at least in some media players. Windows media player should be able to play it without problems, but well you never know.)