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Thread: 25m General Vezax problem(DK MT)

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    25m General Vezax problem(DK MT)

    We know the IBF glyph is nerfed, is it mean DKs have to kiting the boss during his 100% damage increase phase? Or is there a way to get 50% damage reduction by stacking def rating and use IBF? (what's the formula of IBF's damage reduction)

    Today my guild tried this guy in 25m, I'm a OT with blood presence on(the adds didn't spawn yet, I'm doing some dps), he killed our MT with 2 hit, then one shot me. I have 40K+ HP when I get killed. Is he really hit that hard?

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    He will kill any tank in two hits during Surge of Darkness, even with a cooldown up.

    Many things in Ulduar will kill a tank in two hits. Tell the healers to heal better.
    A tank's only goal is to be able to take a hit and live. It doesn't matter if you can only take one hit before the next one will kill you...that will sometimes happen. In those situations, healers just need to pull together and make it happen.

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    You can still have DK tanking him with cooldowns, IBF glyph nerf didn't seem to make a big difference.
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    I was the MT to this on Saturday and I'm a blood spec DK with 42k HP buffed. I just popped my IBF at the end of the cast(to make sure it lasted the whole time) and I was just fine. The healers kept me topped of. Personally I think it was an easy fight.

    Note: If you're a tank and you don't have 38k HP buffed you have no place being in Ulduar. If you're in there you won't get that far in, IMO.

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    I tank him without kiting just fine with just barkskin (20%) and my trusty parry trinket (jokes). Just make sure heals ramp up during Surge, if there are no heals landed between hits the tank will likely splat. Also make sure Demo shout/roar is up especially during surge.


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