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Thread: Bruene here

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    Bruene here

    K so i have been tanking for my guild for awhile from naxx 10-25 maly 10 and we are now going through ulduar and up to hodir.

    So far my tanking ive thought has been fine but lately ive been noticing some threat issues sometimes. I know im not at the expertise soft cap im still waiting on the pants out of maly 25.

    here is my armory any and all tips would be wonderfull thanks in advance

    The World of Warcraft Armory

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    You appear to have logged out in your PVP set so I can't comment directly on gear - however I would say depending how far under the expertise cap you are you shouldn't wait for the drop and just change out a few gems to get the numbers you need.

    I see your a JC so a nice easy way to do that is to swap out 1 or 2 of the JC +stam gems you probably have for +expertise gems. If you've been doing the JC daily it won't cost you anything at all to do and you can swap back to the +stam gems for free too once the pants drop.

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