I'm looking for some constructive criticism on my current Paladin Protection spec as well as gear setup with the current gems/enchants.

My Armory

Currently as you can see I am over the defense minimum by quiet a bit as I've read that one of the best ways to improve mitigation is by bypassing it and not enchanting for parry/dodge. I'm currently using the stamina trinket to be over the 28k of stamina and still continue to be on the defense minimum with decent mitigation, hoping to change my back on the next Naxx10. I've tanked naxx10, malygos10 and os10 as MT/OT and feel pretty comfortable. I got a little deeper into Retri instead of Holy for the extra talents to improve my TPS as it wasn't too good going to both Holy/Retri for the remaining talents.

So that's pretty much it and would love any good feedback.