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Thread: Yogg - The Art of "Jousting"

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    Yogg - The Art of "Jousting"

    I've seen it in Ciderhelm's Yogg video, but I'm still trying to figure out "the right way" to joust Crusher Tentacles. Right now, we've stacked the raid with ranged DPS such that we're generally focus-firing the Crushers down so that only one is up at a time. We haven't been jousting because the Enraging stack on the "active Crusher target" is at 99 nearly the entire time it's in play. Yet, our DPS on the brain is lacking and we're trying to figure out if it's because of the single 20% Dimish Power reducing our DPS on Influence Tentacles (such that most Brain-phases only have 20-25s of DPS time on the Brain).

    When we tried to joust the Crushers, we ended up with results like...
    At 36 stacks, it melee'd our Paladin for 8.2k.
    At 41 stacks, it melee'd our Paladin for 34.2k.
    At 51 Stacks, it melee'd our Paladin for 22.5k. (Not sure why the disparity between this and the previous swing)
    At 93 Stacks, it melee'd our Paladin for 42,556 with 1,310 blocked.

    My understanding is that it should work like...

    0:00 Crusher spawns
    0:01 Crusher starts 6s cast of Diminish Power
    0:07 Crusher finishes the cast, and now channels a 300s long Diminish Power
    0:08 Tank enters melee range of Crusher, Crusher immediately stops channeling and Swings at the Tank
    0:10 Tank has backed out, Crusher starts 6s cast of Diminish Power again
    0:16 Crusher again channeling Diminsh Power

    The problem for us is that by 0:16, the Crusher now has 85+ stacks of Enrage on it, and it seems to one-shot our tanks.

    What am I missing here? Or is "jousting" Crushers only intended for when multiple Crushers are up? Is it possible to "joust" Crushers when they have 99 stacks, provided a mitigation-cooldown or two is up?

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    First of all our feral druid does the jousting on the Crushers being dpsed down. Why? Because she can stand right out side of melee range and use swipe and it hits the Crusher and interrupts the cast.

    But to give you a better answer to your question, why are all of your ranged not switching to the constrictors to kill them? If they would be doing this then you would never see stacks over 50ish for the majority of the encounter.

    When it has 50+ stacks or so and the feral is not close by (Im a Warrior), I can either Heroic Throw or Shattering Throw to interrupt the cast.

    If I had to guess I would say the paladin's Avenger Shield or whatever its called also probably interrupts the channel from range. It might not but it's worth mentioning to the Paladin.

    If your dps switch to the constrictor and kill it then the stacks should fall off a couple of times during a Crushers life.

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    Feral tanks can Swipe the Crushers without getting hit by the Crusher.
    I.E. they can remove the diminishing power without being in range of the the Crusher's melee
    We have our Feral tank tank the crusher the ranged is focusing on while the other tank[s] focus on the other crushers.

    You can also have the ranged stop while the stack wear off. The stack wheres off in like 1 - 2 seconds, so it is not THAT big a cut in dps.

    I believe there are some ranged attacks that warrior tanks can do to remove the diminishing power, like Heroic Throw. (Guns don't work)

    It is unwise to sacrifice melee dps for ranged if it costs your portal group. if the portal group opens the brain room (kills all the tenticles in the illusion) within 20 seconds of the portals spawning it prevents another Crusher and Corrupter from spawning. This cuts the work the ranged have to do in half and is key to the encounter.

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    A-ha! So you can interrupt the channel by hitting with with a Melee Yellow attack even if you aren't in "Melee" range? That makes a lot of sense, now that I think about it.

    Also, we are having target-switch problems on Constrictors, but it never occurred to me that that was causing us to hold 99 stacks on Crushers as well. Sometimes you need someone else to remind you that your fly is unzipped, eh?

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    Would TC / SW work the same way? Making a pseudo-melee attack from outside melee range?

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    as far as i could see TC doesnt work, shockwave im not 100% on.

    heroic throw works a treat however

    for our kills we call for dps to stop a couple seconds when it gets up to about 50 stacks of the debuff, by the time people actually stop its closer to 60 and then once its gone dps starts up again. its pretty necessary to do this so u can keep jousting without getting one shot.

    the dps only have to stop for a second or two to let it wear off.

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    Is Swipe the only melee attack that works in this manner where you can do it from outside melee range? Does this work in cat form so you can keep up a high amount of DPS while you continue to interrupt the cast?

    It sounds like Judgements used to work, but they hotfixed that a little while back. Everything else that works sounds like it has a decent cooldown to it.

    Another question in regards to the buff falling off - will DOTs cause it to continue to stack up? I assume people need to get their pets off them too.

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    tentacles gains a buff when they're struck, so dot ticking dont activate enrage, and well, pets will be propably dead after 1st swing

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    Shadow fiends, treants, and other pets will also stop the cast.

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    Our raid leader calls out stop dps, becuase that stacking buff wears off very quickly if they aren't attacked like within 5 seconds I think. Then me, and the pally "joust" in, and remove it.

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    I am a DK and I just simply joust by running in, Oblit, and strafe away...

    Our DPSers never stop DPSing it. I seem to have to stand next to it for a couple of seconds before it will hit me. I have noticed if another tanks stops the cast when I am close, (i.e., he ran in when it wasn't his Crusher to joust), I have gotten gibbed. But now we alternate Crushers so we are never on the same one.

    I could have our Feral do the swipe thing, but I send him down in the Brain room to Deeps it up...
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    Would this work?

    1) Berserker stance.
    2) Hit corruptors / bloodrage for 25 (or 22 assuming prot spec) rage.
    3) Get within 6-8 yards of crusher.
    4) Whirlwind.
    5) Go to step 2.

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    this should work, as well as divine storm for ret pallies, but basically i just run in, auto-attack and run away, i never got hit from tentacle, and pursuit of justice helps a lot here.

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    If shit hits the fan I'll Shield Wall and go in there @ 99 stacks -- but really if people stop dps for only 2 seconds it falls off.

    As an example, when I'm bored and jousting a 2nd crusher by myself (while DPS is finishing off another one) I just stand in melee range and tank it, using all my abilities. Even with using auto attack + ability every GCD, his stack still falls off.

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    Would Hammer of the Righteous (the pala cleave ripoff the hits up to 4 targets glyphed) work? melee attacks that deal holy damage are confusing :/

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    pyrea, i dont know why you want to use it, if all you want is to break his channeling just auto attack, really no need to use any special abilities, and range of hammer is melee anyway. And its quite rare to see another tentacle close to crusher if you want to "chain" hammer to him.

    Clavarn, just tell your dps to watch his enrage and when it reach 60 or sth just stop casting for 3 seconds, buff lasts 1 second so it should do the trick.


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