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Thread: My Unholy Tank Spec

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    My Unholy Tank Spec

    Ryface's Unholy Tank Spec: Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Single-Target Tanking Rotation : DnD, IT, PS, BS, UB, SS, SS, Pest

    When you need to dump your runic power use Rune Strike, Death Coil, and when it's about to expire, Unholy Blight.

    The new sigil for Rune Strike that drops off of Razorscale in 25-man Ulduar that gives you extra dodge rating is a huge help. Always remember to glyph for Disease, or this rotation will not be effective. Another good minor glyph to have is Blood Tap. It's a good idea to use Blood Tap when you're out of runes but need to blow a cooldown that consumes a rune such as Anti-Magic Zone, or Bone Shield.

    AoE-Tanking Rotation : DnD, IT, PS, Pest, UB, BT, BB

    This rotation is designed specifically for fast threat. Since everything is a DPS race nowadays, and tanks are usually blamed if DPS steals threat, the most logical thing is to be as bursty and post about as much DPS as they do on AoE pulls!

    Once again, this AoE rotation will probably make you aggro any mob that another tank isn't specifically targeting so to make your healers' jobs easier it's a good idea to have Blood Tap since you're most likely going to be taking the most damage as it is.

    That's my spec! Let me know if you have any questions, if you can make any improvements, whatever. Just thought I'd try and help out.


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    Why Lichborne? Why MoG? Why Night of the Dead? This looks like a DPS or PVP spec that forgot the Gargoyle.

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    This is my current tanking spec as an AOE tank
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    I am thinking of taking 3 points out of desecration and put them into Imp IT. Mostly I have been finding it hard to get any good info on tanking specs post 3.1 for unholy and was hopeing I could get some advice. This is my first tanking toon as well and am just starting to get her geared. Any advice in general that you could give would be much appreciated.

    I also had a question about rotations since 3.1, the one that I have been using is
    DnD-IT-PS-Pest-BB-SS-SS-SS-Pest with RS or DC as a RP dump, and then replacing DnD when I have the runes for it. Any sugestions as to this?

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    I find this ideal:
    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    I get amazingly good threat, and keep solid mitigation.

    Unholy is the AoE end of the DK world, so I focus on maximizing that. Thus Black Ice rather than Icy Touch. And likewise Wandering Plague and Desecration.

    The rotation is fairly simple.

    IT & PS, then Pestilence. Now just cycle SS, BS, and BB depending on runes. Do Pestilence anytime the counter on your diseases goes below 10 seconds, or anytime an add gets in range. Get Unholy Blight out there as soon as possible, and likewise DnD.

    - In the alternative, if you've got it down to a point where you can easily out-threat your DPS, save DnD for adds. I often skip DnD, so that if an add pops somewhere, I can drop a DnD either on the add or in the middle of my ranged DPS / Healers and pick up the add.

    My threat from Wandering Plague, Unholy Blight, and Blood Boil, by mid fight, gets so good that I can AFK it - saving my runes for mitigation. Not an effective move (slows the fight), but a possible one.

    The more effective rotation is to start spamming lots of Death Strikes after you have locked down threat. It gives just enough damage to hold down threat (especially if you have Rune Strike macro'd to it), and the self heals give your healers a little relief.

    So the late pull rotation looks like this:

    Pest - SS - DS - SS - DS - Pest
    - and working to keep up Unholy Blight. By this point in the fight you shouldn't need your DnD's anymore. You can either pop them to speed up the pull, or save them if adds are a possible risk.

    I kick into this mode when, in recount threat, the top DPS is about half my threat on her primary target. But honestly, after a while you'll just have an instinct for when to alter your rotation off of threat generation and on over to mitigation. If you're healers have mana issues, you may need it earlier on, or need to swap back and forth between threat and mitigation. Done well enough, you can even manage to solo the last 5-10% of some pulls with that rotation, even on Naxx bosses.
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    Tell me something, does Wandering Plague actually get you a lot? I tested it a LONG time back, several months, and it was giving me a measly amount of overall threat buffing. I think it amounted to about 2% of my total dmg in Naxx which is pretty tame.

    I suppose with better gear that value would improve...
    The (Old) Book on Death Knight Tanking
    The New Testament on Death Knight Tanking
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    Who f-ing divided by zero?!?

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    If you have a good DPS weapon, and use this build:

    Talent Calculator - World of Warcraft

    Your crit, with LotP or Rampage + Kings/MotW/Horn will be in the 23%+ range, at which point Wandering Plague starts proc'ing a LOT, as well as Blood Boil crits etc. During Thorim arena fight, 2 of our DKs start doing 10k+ dps.

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    tbh, I donīt think AMZ is a good idea, it simply doesnīt help very much, like 12000 to 15000 damage is 1 hit from a raidboss

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    There is not much reason to use pestilence or DnD on a single mob. For the same amount of runes you can do 2 Blood Strike and a Scourge Strike, which in my experience has generated a larger amount of threat.

    Single target: IT->PS->BS->BS->UB

    If you don't have the RP for UB, hit Howling Blast, then use. When you hit your last SS, you should just be coming up on, or just reached your cd for Frost and Unholy Runes.

    Multi-target: DnD->IT->PS->Pest->SS->BB

    If I feel I need more threat, I'll Blood Tap and BB right after Pestilence.


    Here is mine The World of Warcraft Armory

    The OP spec isn't bad, it's just in some places he's too soon :P Like taking 5/5 Black Ice isn't as good as it needs to be until T8. Other items aren't really needed. Blood Caked Blade is a good talent for some damage, but you won't get enough Melee hits that aren't turned into Rune Strikes to make it worth it. I'd take Necrosis over that, easily(and did).

    Lichborne is also pretty unneeded. I have never run into a situation where Lichborne would be wanted(I keep aggro through sleep, etc). Drop those points into Necrosis for additional damage/threat.

    Night of the Dead/Perma Ghoul- I never used my ghoul when I had him, I was too involved in rotation, picking up new adds, etc. so I dropped him and really never looked back.

    I don't like glyph of Disease. It's nice that it refreshes the primary target, but unless it is bugged, you would still need to do pestilence again to spread the new disease duration. I just do the DnD one so I get increased ae threat, which you also have.

    Bone Shield - I highly recommend it. Makes your shield last two extra hits, which is helpful with it's 2 min cooldown.

    Blood Tap - I don't care if it damages me anymore, let it :P

    Improved HB - I like the wiggle room the greater cooldown gives me, even though I'll sneak it in for free RP when I need a little extra.

    Check my talent page at the end of the talent section for recommended glyphs(blank minor will be raise dead once I buy it).

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