If you aren't following SquirrelNut UI's comments, I'm playing around with a copy of it and trimming it down to the bare essentials for all you raiders who play in 1900x1200 and 1440x900.

I had quite a few interruptions while setting up the aesthetics the first day, and ran into a few speedbumps (as is expected with large third-party UI's). Unfortunately I won't have this copy posted anytime in the next week or two. I have some big assignments for school this week and next week I'll be away from the internet entirely.

Now, the goal of any software provider (or editor in this case) is to make the product user-friendly, easy to use, and easy to adjust per the user's needs. This is why I'm taking my time to get everything working smoothly. With respect to SquirrelNut, his setup is awesome, I just intend to trim it down so more users can pick it up.

I'll include a word file in the zipped folder that lists things to do before installation, and which addons to disable while raiding if users have any framerate issues. You'll notice in the lightweight version (once it's finished), there will be NO disabled mods from the start. This is because I'm taking out a bunch of memory hogs from the original Squirrelnut copy. The removed addons, and the links/locations to download them, will be included in the aforementioned word file.

ETA on the cleaned up UI: 3 weeks (2 weeks minimum).

If you have any questions, I strongly encourage you to post them here so that the thread stays in easy reach when I get back. If you choose to respond to another person's question, please be helpful and kind so nobody has to sift through a pile of useless responses.

Happy Hunting