Thank you TankSpot for allowing this discussion board.

I have been crunching numbers and preferences for a while about which spec to tank in (and of course how to manipulate the last few points of that spec). A death knight in ulduar, seems like an off tanking opportunity to me and so currently i am frost as howling blast gives me a spike of threat and also nice avoidance.

I was wondering if there is any advice out there on which spec to tank in. My current understanding of tanking specs (and i have had my fair share of success with this) is the following:

Unholy: mitigation (<3 bone shield) + magic reduction spec. You get AMZ which is nice cool down to blow on stuff like hordir / iron council hard mode and what have you. Bad single target compared to the other 2 specs

Frost: avoidance (frigid dread plate). UA is kinda lame but HB is nice and so is the extra 6 seconds on IBF. Frigid dread plate would seem to be awesome once you have 60% ish avoidance already as the marginal 3% would amount to 7% ish damage reduction. Good single target and AOE

Blood: Huge HP( Vetran of the Third War). the 6% hp is nice and the 6% str gives you more parry, but it seems like the only reason you would go this way is for VB which is like Last Stand and also cause this gives you superior single target TPS. AOE tanking is difficult to sell (at least to me) on this spec.

Between Blood and Frost, it seems like that the cool down is what makes the difference. Improved Frost presence gives me 2% damage reduction which amounts to 800 hp in a raid situation. A 6% stam increase it seems (according to calculators) gives only 1400 hp. Frgid dreadplate gives much more miss than 6% strength would give.

I generally off tank, so either frost or Unholy is a good idea right?

Again i have had very good success in Ulduar but i was wondering if there was something the tanking comunity felt which I had no idea about